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This device instead of cash, Denmark as the world's first country without cash

by:Keyable     2020-06-24
After a trip to Denmark, or will never have a change of the local currency, because Denmark is on course to become the first country without cash. Available credit and street vendors checkout, you can use a mobile phone to pay for what you want, don't have my wallet will go to the supermarket & other; Sweep cargo & throughout; … … Refused to cash & other; Danish high welfare, people don't need to use cash & throughout; Britain, the guardian reported, the Danish chamber of commerce suggested that retail stores, and services should be given the right to refuse the cash payment completely. The Danish chamber of commerce says, the cost of using cash is high, store employees need to take the time to count, but also have security problems. The Danish government has announced a series of initiatives, allowing retailers refused to cash payments, accept only mobile payment and bank card payment. If the plan through congress, starting in January 2016, clothing stores, restaurants and gas stations and other merchants can refuse to accept cash, Denmark will become the world's first country without cash. However, post offices, hospitals, dental clinics, and massage parlors basic services such as places will accept the Danish krone. Said a Chinese living in Denmark: & other; Denmark introduced to cash, has its own unique conditions. First of all, the person is little, high degree of digital. Sundance g bank says 2 million users are using their launch of mobile payment business, and the Danish national population 5. 6 million, however, a bank's user accounts for nearly half of the population of country. Second, high welfare, physical is essentially national in spending, there is no need to use cash. ” Convenient life even near the church will set this device at the moment, Denmark is trying to get rid of paper money in cash, credit CARDS and mobile payment has become a dominant payment of Denmark. By 2012, 84 in Denmark. 2% of the transaction is done through the bank card. Electronic currency is gradually replace cash, electronic payment has gradually become a Danish general consumption patterns: just take a credit card, can almost drive, travel, shopping. When it comes to perceptions of cashless plan, a Danish people said: & other; Was the last time I use cash last year, and it is in a foreign country, I haven't used cash this year, I have been using my card and pay for. ” In Denmark, many sales people will carry with this device, even it's next to the church will set this device, convenient church donations. A pastor said: & other; Many people who want to go to church donation, but they rarely bring cash in my pocket, some have suggested I set this device, convenient and no cash people to donate money. It is very convenient! ” Secure payment & other; Broken robbers supports-and, again afraid of was robbed & throughout; No cash not only can increase efficiency, and do not use cash, you can also reduce the crime rate, breaking the robbers on the income. The Danish merchant said, & other; The change is very time consuming for the customer. Use less cash settlement will be good for the store security, will also break the robbers and we don't have to worry about was robbed, need not spend money on the monitoring and control system, at the same time, even if was robbed, according to electronic trading records are easy to track the robber. ” Security experts carlson said: & other; Cash in circulation reduce make people more secure, not only for staff who work with cash, the same is true for the public. If no longer use cash, together with the crime rate will drop. ” However, should not be ignored is that robbery reduced at the same time, Denmark's credit card stolen brush, fraud and other crimes are increasing. Real challenge old people feel excluded from system if a country has no cash, what it's like to be? First of all, there will be a lot of people out of work, such as bank staff, yanchao member, etc. Second, you will see the selling vegetables in the old man struggled to use mobile phones, the streets of beggars, crossing play small acrobatics magic one day more difficult, each person every day to see more the number of mobile phones, because playing mobile phones can increase the probability of traffic accident & hellip; … There are Chinese netizens worry, & other If the electricity went off? ” “ Cashless society & throughout; , sounds very beautiful. Cass business school in London, the bank professional senior lecturer said Peter cottontail, completely switch to the cashless society means subversive, compared with the technology, cultural issues is the greater obstacles. Many Danish claus for no cash plan have different opinions. It is understood that in some rural areas in Denmark retiree, don't use of bank CARDS, not to mention the electronic payment, they hope that the government slow down construction & other; Cashless society & throughout; The pace of. An old man said: & other; We felt excluded from social system. Even if the credit card to us, we also don't know how to use it. ”
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