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This credit card pay 'flash' metro line lock

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
Since June 2, guangfo metro and guangzhou metro across the network all the brake machine support unionpay passing cloud card APP in the IC card and subway. Citizens can hold with unionpay pay identification IC card lock, the lock time and guangfo one-way ticket release speed basically unchanged. In addition, passengers can also through the mobile phone in guangzhou metro official APP binding cloud generated subway card, bank card can easily take the guangfo metro. Yesterday morning rush around eight o 'clock, the reporter in chief notice strange road subway station, station hall has been posted & other; To enable unionpay flash pay identification IC card lock & throughout; Publicity slogans, guide crew is at the gate to the first boot prompt passengers using IC card. Reporter discovery, passengers need only portable IC card reading machine close to the gate, less than a second, brake machine can automatically identify, opened to let passenger traffic, passing time and the guangfo flat through one-way ticket release speed. At present, the guangfo line across the site gate modification has been completed, according to the statistics of guangzhou metro, include a line to eight, guangfo line article 9 a total of 304 kilometers of subway lines, such as more than 6000 sets of brake machine, opening of financial IC card lock service comprehensively, take the lead in the domestic implementation of ODA ( Offline data authentication) The size of the new payment technology application. Passengers with unionpay pay identification, opening a small secret service free flash IC card, no prepaid phone, you can lock by subway, adopt & other; By car, before deductions & throughout; Way, except for passengers saves on the prepaid phone in advance, also greatly accelerated the speed swinging card lock. It is reported that guangzhou trolley car recount of all have to fully support flash IC card to pay the charge check-in services; APM line brake machine channel dedicated stations continues to support unionpay pay flash flash, cloud gate. In the same period, the guangfo metro and guangzhou metro across the net gate also fully support & other; Throughout the cloud card &; Service, say goodbye to the specified access to the inconvenience. In addition, passengers through the installation of guangzhou metro subway official APP, binding unionpay debit card or credit card, the preloaded and generate cloud card, can brush on guangfo metro phone in and out of the gate. Guangzhou metro official APP new unionpay also purchase tickets online payment business, can determine the ticket after through unionpay online payment to complete the payment, and then by the qr code in the originating station cloud the ticket machine. To promote financial IC card and mobile payment service brake, China unionpay launch guangfo metro and guangzhou metro bus favourable activity across the network. IC card, the subway passengers using unionpay card cloud take metro and guangzhou metro APP unionpay online payment to buy the subway one-way ticket, or have the opportunity to enjoy the fare discount. Among them, 2 June solstice on June 8, you will enjoy every card 6 2 times a day. 2 discount, 9 June solstice on July 31, you will enjoy every card set minus 1 2 times a day. 8 yuan discount.
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