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The wireless surveillance camera should be installed like this

by:Keyable     2021-08-07
Wireless surveillance cameras should be installed in this way. Wireless surveillance refers to the combination of the system and wireless transmission technology. It can transmit real-time information from different locations to the wireless surveillance center, and automatically load the video data for future search. As a security person, I have some understanding of video installation, but there may not be many opportunities to do it myself. Today, we will explain in detail how to install the wireless monitoring system correctly and do a science popularization for the security person. 1. Precautions before installation 1. After getting the monitor, you must first debug to check whether there are visible problems with the equipment; secondly, decide whether to use a computer with a monitoring card or an embedded video recorder. The former has a lower investment and is more suitable for places where professionals are present, with good computer performance and more functional requirements; the latter is suitable for novices and simple to operate; 2. Determine the number of cameras installed and determine the monitoring range; 3. Consider Whether there are special requirements for the function of the camera, if so, you need to customize the camera with special functions; 4. Determine whether the data transmission is wired or wireless. If conditions permit, you can give priority to wired, because the price is cheap; if the conditions are not good, using wireless, wireless can save the trouble and unsightly installation of the camera, but there are certain requirements for distance and obstacles, which must be considered; 5. Determine the network Function, if you need to monitor the scene, you must choose a monitoring host with network functions. 2. After the surveillance camera installation steps arrive at the installation site, start the installation. Pay attention to the steps 1. Debug the equipment again A. Prepare 4 network cables, 1 switch and 1 multi-hole socket; B. Start connecting the equipment; C. Put the center The adapter of the station equipment is connected to the switch with a network cable; D. Connect your computer to this switch (if the IP of the dome camera is the same as the local area network, the main computer is in the local area network); E. Connect the power cord; F. After checking the front connection is correct, power on the device; G. The signal light is full to prove that the connection is normal; H. If you can see the monitoring screen after the computer enters the IP of the dome, it means that everything is normal. So far, debugging is complete. 2. Site selection A. Choose a suitable installation location according to the company's requirements and the actual situation on the site; B. Pay attention to whether it is convenient for construction and whether there are obstructions near the machine room. 3. Start the installation A. Install the central station. The central station should be installed near the computer room. After the installation is complete, connect the wires and ensure that they are powered on; B. Install the remote wires: power on the wires, adjust the position to make sure that the antenna has a signal, fix the bracket, camera, antenna and waterproof power box, and check Whether the connection is waterproof. 4. Matters needing attention A. Wear a safety helmet at the construction site B. All antennas must be on the same surface, not on the same line. C. On-site power supply requirements to ensure that the power supply is normal. Or if you think there is a problem, please leave a message in the comment area for criticism and correction. In addition, Gonet’s wireless network transmission equipment supplier provides a variety of transmission equipment, such as switches, optical transceivers, fiber optic transceivers, etc., with complete models and rich interfaces. The above information is organized by the Chengdu camera installation. The opinions of this article have nothing to do with this site.
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