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The use of wing brake problems need attention are introduced

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
Wing gate is banned, in the current security system, is a kind of entrance guard system is widely applied. It not only has a good security effect, more to the customer's attendance also has a great help. However, many clients for wing gate ban the use of don't pay attention to, lead to problems. Today, we take a look at, wing gate ban, the application of what problem should note. Wing brake problems need attention to introduce the use of wing gate with its unique use of automatic regulating hydraulic shock absorber, in the practical process, effectively reduce the operation process of the noise and shock problem. In order to better play to the advantages of the wing gate machine, and bring convenience for wing brake problem better, in the process of use, must keep to the following principles: wing brake in the process of using, outside the yellow line in the process of credit card. In wing sluice gate open to a certain degree, and indicating arrow hint, can enter. It is best not to stay in it. To improve fluency to improve channel. Wing brake in the process of traffic, must not have followed into the wing gate within the channel. Don't squeeze rod inside card behavior, lest appear the phenomenon of gate won't open. When wing sluice gate is open to a certain range, be sure to remember to do credit card operation. Wing brake in the use of wing brake machine, if there is any abnormal situation, to cut off the power supply in time, make contact with wing gate after-sales department immediately. Wing brake machine also need to often go for maintenance. Do not think that it is omnipotent. In case of internal and external dust on a regular basis. To ensure the normal operation of the equipment. www。 kongdl。 cn【 Brake machine 】 The use of wing brake problems need attention are introduced. Suzhou empty, as a professional three roller gates, wing brake, brake and brake machine manufacturers. We have own independent workshop, can customize according to customer demand for the brake machine. Is the brake machine industry, are very popular with customers brand of brake machine. Products sold throughout the country.
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