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The use of guangzhou fingerprint entrance guard system time specification

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
Guangzhou entrance guard system occupy a more important position in the security system, with the development of science and technology, higher request to the security and stability of the entrance guard system. Now common biometric system and entrance guard system are represented by the rf card system, relatively speaking, to biometric identification such as fingerprint entrance guard system more in line with the future of science and technology requirements. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of fingerprint access control attendance and entrance guard system using specification detailed introduce fingerprint entrance guard system performance. The advantages and disadvantages of fingerprint entrance guard system fingerprint entrance guard advantage: advantage of the characteristics of the human fingerprint uniqueness allows easy operation, avoid forgery, theft, forgotten, such as crack risk; Can avoid the generation of punch is used in attendance, Chinese characters and voice prompt better realize the intelligent entrance guard. Fingerprint access control weakness: the need to register in advance, to maintain the integrity of the fingerprint can be identified, etc. Use of entrance guard system attendance employees need to keep clear fingerprints and need to be registered before using the access control attendance to log in. Will fingerprint access control attendance in the middle of the collection device, uniform pressure force, hear hints and gonghaowu name after indicate attendance record of success. Employees in 10 minutes to use time of access control attendance record attendance for the first time only, a short period of time the same people don't use too much. Use access control attendance to keep fingerprints are clean and tidy, otherwise unable to identify. On not as large as possible, don't use such as scraping, smooth operation, such as mirrors, didn't really can use alternate attendance. A fingerprint desquamate or corrode cannot use fingerprint access control attendance, can use the password attendance. Above is the entrance guard system is introduced and an overview of the fingerprint access control attendance system, click on the door can understand the entrance guard system other detailed information.
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