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The structure of the monitoring system

by:Keyable     2021-07-31
The structure of the monitoring system The monitoring system is a very common system in our daily life, which is mainly composed of three structures: the front-end video acquisition system, the video transmission system and the terminal display system. Regarding the specific composition of these three structures, Chengdu Monitoring Installation Company will give a detailed introduction. 1. Front-end video capture system camera, lens, pan-tilt, smart spherical camera, etc. 2. Video transmission system transmission cable, optical fiber transmission, coaxial cable transmission, network cable transmission, wireless transmission, optical transceiver Chengdu Monitoring Installation Company. 3. Terminal display system dvr hard disk video recording system, video matrix, screen processor, switcher, distributor remote expansion system (the third-generation monitoring system can replace traditional equipment with a monitoring management platform) Chengdu Monitoring Installation Company. IP surveillance, remote surveillance, network surveillance, video surveillance conferences and other technical exchanges. Surveillance does not simply refer to closed-circuit television surveillance systems, but in the traditional sense the surveillance system consists of front-end cameras (including: dome cameras, infrared cameras, all-in-ones, etc.) plus mid-end equipment (optical transceivers, network video servers, etc.) plus back-end equipment (Hard disk video recorder, matrix, etc.) (a monitoring management platform of the third-generation monitoring system can replace traditional equipment) to form a Chengdu monitoring installation company.
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