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The rapid development of the modern entrance guard system status

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
Modern entrance guard system is diverse and open digital access control management system is widely used mainly by induction card entrance guard system and biometric entrance guard system, in order to identify the target of digital coding and feature information for the technical core, strengthen the monitoring and management automation, realize the entrance guard system of individual identity and rights management. The application of all kinds of high and new science and technology makes the modern entrance guard system in the aspect of individual identity and authority certification is very perfect and powerful, combining with the back-end locking device and its control system realize the entrance guard system event information and collect and display the system status information, realizes the security system required by the advance guard against and afterwards check function, fundamentally changed the traditional concept of security and management of access control system, as well as the future development of entrance guard system created new opportunities for development. As the entrance guard increasingly powerful, demand grew more complex, entrance guard system development in the direction of the network, network integration and cartoon. Entrance guard system, entrance guard system for the development of low frequency card technology in the past decade, low frequency card, Also known as induction card or ID card) In 125 KHZ RFID induction card and card reader is the industry standard for the stage entrance guard control system [ 3] 。 This kind of card structure simple, easy to be copied, security is low. Non-contact high-frequency smart card technology entrance guard system: HID iCLASS 13. 56 MHZ contactless smart card technology and the read/write field with interoperability, support for multiple applications, iCLASS technology platform, together with the multiCLASS HID Global adoption of a variety of technology solutions, has become an efficient, safe and effective entrance guard control system of industry standards. NFC technology entrance guard system: NFC the simplest model is the copy of the virtual proof card within the current card access control principle. Phones will identity information to the reader, which in turn transmitted to the existing entrance guard system, finally opened the door [ 4] 。 Like this, without using the key or a smart card, you can safely and portable configuration, monitoring, and modify the voucher card security parameters, eliminate the risk of voucher card is copied, but also, when necessary, temporary distribution of proof card or cancel lost and stolen card. Entrance guard system patent application situation at home and abroad analyses the access control technology development of developed countries earlier, but our country before 1990 basic without access to relevant patent applications. With the introduction of foreign technology, our country also more achievements in the field of entrance guard, 1990-2000, the Chinese entrance guard related patent applications account for only about 1% of the world; In 2000 ~ 2014, the Chinese entrance guard related patent applications accounted for about 18% of the world. Retrieved in CNABS alone, can be retrieved more contrast file, thus the technology received widespread concern and attention. As a patent examiner, in the face of such high attention and gradually perfect the technology, it shall timely understanding of related technology, make full use of an application for a patent for the domestic numerous entrance guard areas, grasp the universality of search and review.
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