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The present situation of the application of domestic subway entrance guard system

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
Is a large number of new technology and new product introduction: today, with the constant development of new technology, domestic subway began actively the application of new technology and the increasing maturity of the entrance guard system, such as applying distributed database, realize the multilevel data storage, etc. , by applying these new techniques, entrance guard system has a variety of network structure, security and stability are also secured, can be more efficient to transmit data information, there are more powerful system function. 2 it is to apply different brand, increase the compatible with difficulty, in the process of entrance guard system technology development, subway lines of different construction period, will be differentiated entrance guard system to the application, thus isolated the access control data of different lines, not unified data effectively. Because various lines of entrance guard system are independent construction completed, the database did not undertake unity, then for different line data from the entrance guard system, interconnection is unable to achieve the purpose of enjoyment, not real-time tracking and management to the authorized personnel access across the lines, so that it may appear the phenomenon such as the illegal use of entrance card, staff management and monitoring quality of entrance card work have been affected. Three is complex: across the line authorization investigation found that now every line in the authorization and management of the entrance card, will be independent of the central device to the application level up, in the other across authorized transfer station staff and line personnel, will increase the difficulty of the work authorization, the normal work of the staff within the restricted areas will be affected. At the same time, the fault card could not be found timely and efficiently and processing, in a larger extent, affects the safe operation of each line. In the same city with the passage of time, the city construction of the subway entrance guard system with the development of science and technology and continuous improvement, various brands of entrance guard system also arises at the historic moment, so even in a city also tend to use different brands of entrance guard system, this kind of situation has caused the each line subway entrance guard system communication data isolation, the database can't unity, to collect data across the line of entrance guard cannot realize interconnection and sharing, it has affected the entrance guard system communication. At the same time, the merger between old and new systems, extension and development, in this case, the original entrance guard system and the compatibility between the new system is also the main obstacle.
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