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The pedestrian shadowing effects is introduced

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
In the present, a lot of installed the pedestrian tunnel gate manufacturer or customer, for, is the brake machine good following prevention effect. But, personnel monitoring alone, the effect is not good. Only do the pedestrian gate with security guards to cooperate with each other, can achieve good security effect. And different occasions, the choice of brake machine also each are not identical, therefore, today, we take a look at, shadowing effects of various pedestrian tunnel gate. Hope the brake machine used to provide some help to you. Pedestrian passageway of shadowing effects, the first wing wing gate lock following prevention ability is poor, mostly applied in the upscale place, there are have a facade concept the use of units to use. Wing brake slightly on the following function is insufficient, if two people close by, wing judged to be a person through the brake system, therefore, focuses on the function of the following brake unit using careful with wings. The second: pendulum is brake brake following prevention ability is poor, wide application, along with the style of custom and the application in any place. Brake on the following the same disappointing, because the swinging rod speed slow, slow reaction, followed in front of the sluice gates were closed place brake channel can pass, so don't recommend pendulum brake brake as the following passage. The third: three roller brake three roller brake following effect in general, medium traffic efficiency. Rod between space is limited, although does not support many people through, but two people close to the same can pass, if there is no security guards, also cannot stop tailing phenomenon. The fourth: all the high rotating brake the rotating brake is also called the hidden channel brake, entirely on high rotation gate design is to reflect the following function, and also the highest security level. Is full of high brake cabinet design, stainless steel, effectively solve the three stick brake channel in the loopholes in management, Rod drilling problems) , therefore the high rotation gate is another kind of three roller brake upgrade version. Full of high gate to gate rotation 60 degrees or 45 degrees but turn structure ( Brush a card for a person, can realize the real brake writers follow) , the downside is that low traffic efficiency. All kinds of pedestrian tunnel gate shadowing effects. The above is our suzhou empty technology and technical personnel for different brake machine introduced following effects for everyone. In general, if the traffic is bigger, so three roll brake effect is better. But, if you want to completely do the following, you will need to security guards and the matching of the brake machine. Such ability can do real regulation. Create a good and harmonious environment.
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