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The owner entrance guard bar crashed on the spur of the moment

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
“ The way of the gate rod is forced, the crashed, how so no quality & throughout; ; “ In a moment of qi, to other owner travel so much trouble, really unreasonable & throughout; 。 Village owner while watching. The reporter understands from residential property, golf northward and eastward is not the same owner, but because without the bluetooth forced punch into the car system. High property company manager told reporters: & other; Village is bluetooth recognition should be used in vehicles to enter into the car system device, similar to the highway ETC equipment, owner of the vehicle must be scanned for bluetooth, entrance guard bar will automatically release & throughout; 。 According to introducing, golf northward vehicle access control rod is 15 damage at 2:30 in the morning, a man driving into a village near the north gate, but without the bluetooth device, urging the security guard to open the door, the security guard for his bluetooth recognition device into the car to send by property system upgrade, so can't open door rod, deliberately not to give the man think security clearance, so forcibly push rod, the rod and entrance guard system damage after turn around to leave. Dongmen vehicle access control rod collision occurred around 11 PM on 16th, the owner is not with the bluetooth system into the car, urged the east gate security clearance, but there is no bluetooth device due to security on secondment from other security, the owner thought that security will not be intentionally release, eventually forced rod entered. It is known that golf home village resident car rate is very high, underground parking space is not enough, the ground parking space at ordinary times is very heavy, come home a little late, couldn't find a parking space inside the village. Because the car is much, parking, management difficult, owners and property companies are full of bitter water. Residential property manager zhang told reporters: & other; No parking space owners of vehicles into the village, at ordinary times will be parked at random, block fire control passageway, to protect community & lsquo; To life & rsquo; To strictly control the no parking, no bluetooth device vehicles entering & throughout; 。 “ Residential area vehicles in and out of the bluetooth device purpose is to prevent foreign vehicles to enter in the jam, but many owners don't understand, because there are many owners don't have my bluetooth device, previously not release small area public security, directly to the vehicle throughout the practice of plugging in the door &; 。 Golf north gate security captain said. “ Village vehicles all bluetooth device recognition automatically release management mode, area of the owner of a car do have a long-term parking card, plot is our owners have in common, everyone should obey the rules consciously. Credit card to enter, be helpful for district vehicle management. ” Wang Zhiyuan said the owners of the community. Attempts to reach sinker bar man, but property and security room all said the owner didn't show up. Property company manager zhang told reporters: & other; Entrance guard bar maintenance cost is high, is expected to 3000 yuan, on the day of the property to the police station called the police, but because I couldn't find the parties, the police station property and owner to solve coordination, sinker bar people don't appear, can only property first entrance guard bar for maintenance, to ensure the normal travel & other residents throughout; 。 The owner xiaobo said: & other; Area belong to the public of all the owners of public facilities, because forgot to take my entrance card and angry at his door rod, it shouldn't be & throughout; 。 Manager zhang said, entrance guard bar need to purchase from other places, in 4 - purchasing time 5 days, the property as soon as possible to the entrance guard bar for repair the damage, is expected in March 18, the north gate of entrance guard bar can restore normal use.
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