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The official opening of intelligent bridge entrance guard system and installation technique

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
In order to strengthen the in and out of the vehicle, personnel of the construction site for effective control, such as to prevent from other vehicles, the construction cause interference or the construction vehicles, staff accident. Qingdao jiaozhou bay bridge connecting project according to the department director of advice, set up intelligent entrance guard system in pier at the exit, and enable formally a few days ago. The system through the camera or fingerprint recognizer to capture information, and then through the license plate with preliminary input information, facial features, compare the fingerprint, control the car stop or pier of the door opening and closing, realize to monitor in and out of vehicles and personnel to the construction site. The system to enable the effective avoided the construction vehicle, and personnel to enter the construction site, at the same time to strengthen the management of the construction vehicle, personnel, larger contributed to the construction site safety management work. When installing a entrance guard system, pipeline is an important but relatively easy to ignore the program, to the ground and underground transport medium of all kinds of outdoor pipeline according to their best routing adjustment and comprehensive, form the design of pipeline system is reasonable. 1, the installation wiring should conform to the provisions of the state & other; Electric installation engineering construction and acceptance specification & throughout; And the related codes and regulations issued by the state. In the thread inside the tube or trough, should be done after building plaster and ground engineering. Before threading tube or trough should be in the water and clear out clutter. Different systems, different voltage grade and the type of current line, should not be in the same tube or trough within the same slot. Wire inside the tube or trough, there should be no joint or kink. Wire connector, should be within the terminal box welding or use the terminal connection. Small section system can splicing, splicing circle number should be in more than five turns, then tin coating, insulation bandaging. Pipeline after deformation cracks of the building, Including the settlement joint, expansion joint and aseismatic joint, etc. ) Place, compensation measures should be taken, conductor cross deformation joint should be fixed on both sides, and with appropriate allowance. Terminals in the terminal of the appropriate selection pressure or terminal board, with tin welding point on its terminal should have a label. 2, entrance guard controller installation is firm, shall not be tilted, and should be clearly marked. Installed on the lightweight partition, reinforcement measures should be taken. The introduction of entrance guard controller cable or wire, wiring should be neat, avoid cross, shall be fixed tightly and cable core and the department shall indicate the number of wires, and with the drawings is not easy to fade; Terminal board and each terminal, terminal shall not exceed two root; Cable and wire not less than 20 cm allowance shall be maintained; Wire should tie into a bundle; After the introduction of wire in wire threading, at into line pipe should be blocked. 3, entrance guard controller of main power supply is introduced into line should be directly connected to the power supply, it is forbidden to use the plug, the main power supply shall be clearly marked; Entrance guard controller grounding and firm, and has the obvious mark. 4, monitoring of indoor ground bus route, specifications should comply with the design requirements. Construction shall comply with the following rules: the surface of the ground strap should be complete, no significant damage and residual flux slag, copper strip light bus, burr, insulation aging crack not a phenomenon; Grounding bus bar should be spread in the trough or cable central aisle, and fixed on the outer edge of the frame groove, bus should level off, can not have skewed, bending. Bus bars connected to the frame or on the top of the machine should be firmly end; Copper cable a hallway with bus can use screws, copper conductor bus cable a hallway, shall be binding on the rail; Grounding installation, system of engineering construction should strictly in accordance with the design requirements. Grounding installation, should cooperate with civil construction at the same time.
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