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The market common three-roll brake specific component analysis

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
A lot of customers in the choice of entrance guard gate, in addition to pay attention to security of access control gate effect, also was also attention to part of the entrance guard gate. After all, we all know, a gate, only to understand its composition, can more clearly how it works, and maintenance methods. For today, the problem of the composition of the three roll gate, let's look at the introduction of technical personnel. Hope to be able to give you some help. For three roller brake system of two components, we are to understand: three roll brake chassis as the carrier, direction indicator, reading and writing are installed on the device, infrared sensors, etc. ; Three roll gate machine mainly have motor, frame, a transmission axis, a gate, etc. ; Three roll brake electric control system of electric control system by the card reader, main control board, infrared sensors, direction indicator, alarm, limit switches, transformers, etc. Card reader, Bring your own) : read the information on the card and after determine treatment, apply to the master control board issued by signal ( On off signal) ; Main control board: system of control center, it receives the card reader and infrared sensor signal, and for these letters, logic judgment and processing, to direction indicator, motor, counters, alarms. The market common three-roll brake specific component analysis. From above by the company in the introduction of technical personnel, we have discovered three roll brake components. Generally speaking, three roller gates, gate as a welcome by customers, not just on the security is very good, but also the excellent personnel recognition. Can satisfy the requirement of the customer many, worthy of your trust.
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