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The layout of the security video surveillance system, Chengdu video surveillance

by:Keyable     2021-08-03
The layout of the security video surveillance system, Chengdu video surveillance 1. The layout of the security video surveillance system: usually the layout of a complete video surveillance system requires a building layout plan (CAD plan), if Party A provides it is good, if not, Party B Engineers are usually sent to draw. This drawing includes all the room divisions, partitions and walls, load-bearing columns, desks and cabinets in the area. On this basis, the location of the camera is determined. Chengdu Video Surveillance. 2. The composition and cost points of the video surveillance system: (1) The number of cameras. Generally speaking, different types of cameras will be equipped according to the different areas. A spherical camera with a wide angle of view but a short shooting distance will be used inside. The shooting distance and the size of the lens are related to Chengdu Video Surveillance. (2) Hard disk capacity Then, Party B will configure the hard disk according to the number of cameras, pixels and transfer rate. Usually the hard disk will have a larger capacity than the actual need. This is to prepare for the expansion of the camera. Because if you need to increase the camera in the future and the hard disk capacity cannot be supported, you will face the problem of needing to replace the hard disk. (3) The number of displays will be allocated according to the number of monitoring areas. (4) Spare parts and auxiliary materials Because the video surveillance system is a weak current, it is impossible to directly use 220V strong current to connect, so it will be equipped with spare parts such as adapters and wiring The longer it is because of the attenuation, a transformer is needed. If there is no fulcrum in the area to be monitored, a fulcrum needs to be built. (5) Installation and commissioning costs Chengdu video surveillance usually charges for commissioning according to the number of cameras.
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