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The kindergarten safety special intelligent entrance guard system installation

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
A set of safe and reliable kindergarten safety system, not only can bring so many benefits to kindergarten management, also can let more parents send their children to school. So, what kind of kindergarten safety management system is good? How to install such a set of intelligent entrance guard system? Here are small make up for everybody introduced relevant knowledge in this field, hope can let everybody special for this kind of new type of intelligent entrance guard system has a more intuitive understanding. Kindergarten entrance guard to kindergarten provides a set of comprehensive transport system, science, advanced solutions, can brush card, fingerprints, automatic face recognition, students can immediately show the student data in and out of school, record in and out of time, unknown people in and out of school gate can automatically alarm, prevent in campus, and special kindergarten entrance guard system also can set up voice calls function, parents and students of related information, whether can be compared to students and parents. Record query: kindergarten and teachers can real-time query has to school students and students from the school already, did not come to school and did not leave school students. Kindergarten entrance guard shuttle system equipment: kindergarten entrance guard shuttle system process:
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