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The importance of the ticket gate wit can channel gate

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
As the intelligent security lock machine industry, the ticket gate industry now has been strengthening have access, and monitoring. Can do the following, illegally, fault automatic detection alarm function such as entrance guard system is active defense, put some unsafe factors are rejected. For example: which sell insurance sales people or other visitors. In the front desk has not been authorized, it is unable to enter into intelligent wing gate management extensive wai. Greatly improve our management of workplace safety. Combined with monitoring management system more perfect, all the in and out of the personnel on real monitoring and management, and stored in a computer can always bring up the view and convenient management. Because wing gate is forbidden in the security management system is more and more big, the already should use all kinds of places such as movie on campus, community management, the mistake area, scenic areas such as widely used in various occasions. The market demand is gradually increasing. We believe that in the next few years development, the intelligent entrance guard channel wing brake machine there will be more intelligent recognition technology, now has a fingerprint recognition, face recognition, palmprint recognition, such as alarm technology. Believe research extension, the subsequent will conduct more recognition and research extension, is the industry leader is the founder of the gate. Entrance guard channel gate supply will with major security engineering, software developers and even security company, property in an increasingly diverse and innovative cooperation in these different partners in different application requirements put forward by the stimulus, the intelligent entrance guard channel wing brake will also become more intelligent new life.
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