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The future pedestrian entrance guard system will have what function

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
With the rapid development of economy, people also more and more high to the requirement of science and technology in the service of life, security pedestrian entrance guard industry has achieved rapid development. Based on a variety of modern information science and technology dimension is product, has become an important protective barriers of social security environment. Floating population in the future the pedestrian entrance guard management system must have detailed description: several features of large capacity of the floating population the pedestrian entrance guard usually for rental housing for the unit with the village entrance guard channel system, dozens of small village house, hundreds of buildings, the larger the village could be more than 500 buildings and even nearly thousands of buildings, according to each building - 50 100 people calculation, a village of the floating population will probably has a population of nearly thousand. And to all the floor of the whole village entrance guard system construction on a platform software, this is the platform software and hardware equipment put forward the higher performance requirements, so the pedestrian of the floating population system platform design capacity requirements can reach 2000 building, 100000 people. Card fast response the pedestrian entrance guard system in the management of the floating population of a large population, and the controller are off-line store its entrances and exits of all staff and authority, for a large rental housing plot entrance, offline storage within a controller has nearly one hundred thousand people, asked controller in the case of offline store one hundred thousand people still can realize quick swipe to open the door, Swipe response time video linkage some relatively abundant community funds, in addition to the deployment of the pedestrian entrance guard system of the floating population, will also consider the video linkage function, so the performance of the video capture linkage would seem to be very important. Rental housing for migrant workers live most of the floating population, sooner or later there will be a peak of commuting. In a one thousand building 100000 for example, an hour in the morning at the peak of the credit card to open the door and the number of captured will reach 70000 times to 80000 times ( Rule out some old man and child number) Second, and the average number of swipe and capture of 19. 4 times to 22. 2 times, will reach the highest peak about 48 times per second. In response to the actual data of pressure, so the system must meet in 100000 under the information continue for at least 3 hours of 48 per second swipe and capture ( Capture video capture photo) , the system keep not collapse; Paparazzi photos show not significantly delay ( No more than 1 second) ; Swipe to open the door of time less than 0. For 2 seconds. And at the peak of platform to be very smooth operation. Data real-time two-way active data real-time two-way active transport is the pedestrian entrance guard system of high performance of the floating population to achieve the basic factors, when the network unobstructed, platform and front-end data requires two-way real-time transmission; Network interruption, the data will be done in network unobstructed after the initiative to send. Real-time active upload: front-end event and alarm information related to the security of the whole system, so the pedestrian entrance guard of the floating population on the project requires all events and alarms to real-time uploaded to the platform, so that the management center in time for the adoption of countermeasures. Network flow, the current after the end of the alarm, the alarm information in 2 seconds can be uploaded to the operation of the platform and displayed in the platform software interface. Sync automatically download: the pedestrian entrance guard projects need management of the floating population of large amount of equipment, large population, in order to improve the convenience of operation management platform, requirements in the system parameter setting of all the equipment, personnel information can be real-time automatic synchronization downloaded to the front controller, when management platform software on door controller parameter is set to do the modification, or in the controller's storied building adds a new personnel authorization, can brush calorie of open the door, door immediately without the need for a separate download operation. Chiang's future will be more technology is applied to the door machine, are more likely to reveal the advantage of flexible door machine, motor and convenient, will be the development direction of key technology, entrance guard machine also will be the inevitable trend of the whole entrance guard all-in-one PC market. Policy jersey as access control products production and sales of manufacturers will be in the process of the pedestrian entrance guard product research and development production expand new markets, create a new system of products.
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