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The function of the guangzhou card entrance guard system principle

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
Entrance guard card system is a new type of modern safety management system, it integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern safety management measures, it involves the electronic, mechanical, optical, computer technology, communication technology, biotechnology, and many other new technologies. Here is to share the credit card the function principle of entrance guard system. 1, the entrance guard card system security design of a credit card entrance guard system, the first thing to consider is the system security, which can effectively control personnel access, and grasp its access to information. Because credit card entrance guard system is a kind of intelligent electronic control system, can make full use of computer & other Intelligent & throughout; , at the same time, using a variety of means to control, to ensure the safety of the system is reliable. 2, access control card, the reliability of the system hardware besides mechanical components such as electric control lock, the main consideration child control module of the production and use, because it needs to be constantly working 24 hours a day, so the demand is higher, to its function should be able to meet the change of temperature and humidity environment, as well as the strong ability to resist electromagnetic interference and so on. If choose module has a strong adaptive capability, can automatically adjust the signal of different baud rate, along with a variety of protection circuit, etc. , to ensure the lower management needs. 3 reliable, entrance guard card system software design main consideration of various kinds of status information acquisition and maintenance, whether the design of communication protocol specification, the processing of various special cases is reasonable, and so on. For example, in order to ensure that communication between the master computer to control module are all right, can use automatic retransmission error correction mechanism, effectively eliminate access control subsystem and management computer in the network at the same time signal conflict that may occur while working. Card entrance guard system is the need to charge for rights management entrance guard system, access control card, before issuing the end user to use by the system administrator Settings, sure can use area and user privileges, user use entrance card swipe into management area, no entrance card or permissions not opened the user, not allowed to enter management. 4, the entrance guard card system works card reader at a fixed frequency to emit electromagnetic wave, frequency is 13. 56 MHZ, when electromagnetic radiation range of induction card into the card reader, will trigger the induction coil on the card, an electrical current and triggers the antenna to the induction card reader to launch a signal, the signal with the card information, the reader will level signal is converted into digital serial number, as communication protocol to on-site controller, controller on the spot to transmit information to the upper controller, finally to access server, access control server to compare the card number and the information of the database, and got all the card information.
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