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The difference between channel brake machine and choose requirements

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
Security problems for all kinds of places, our owners, clients are now more and more attention. And in this, is the first channel gate security defence equipment and personnel management. And at present, although the gate type is more and more, however, shoddy is also more and more serious. For the customer, therefore, how to choose channel sluice, and how to choose, is caught the attention of the customer. Today, we take a look at the detailed introduction of suzhou empty technology. Channel brake machine and selection of the difference between demand as customers should first understand the difference between all kinds of channel gate: 1. The length of the pendulum brake, brake lever is placed on the market at present can be custom-made, brake unilateral standard length is 600 mm. Can also be extended to 900 mm, outside two channel width and even can be up to 1800 mm. Can be used for one-way or two-way traffic control flow, traffic flow, Bicycles, electric cars, motorcycles, etc. ) Traffic speed. Common community, factories, schools and other involved people place for mixed traffic. 2. Three roller gates, consists of three root stem, length 500 mm, rod, gap just hold a people, suitable for one-way or two-way traffic control, the main stream of people in and out of control, unable to realize into the vehicle. Speed in general. Often appear in the management of personnel entering and leaving more strict places such as cinemas, scenic spots, stations, toll places. 3. Two wing wing gate: a channel brake off, at least two single movement of a channel, also can use double movement in the middle of multiple channels, channel width of less than 600 mm. Is suitable for one-way or two-way control flow, three roller gates and pendulum brake upgrade, fashion appearance. Generous, traffic speed. Common in metro area to charge for such places or stream. 4. Turn brake: the main working mode is rotating, the channel width is generally less than 600 mm, suitable for one-way or two-way channel, traffic speed. Everyone on the choice of intelligent channel gate, don't careless, needs and sales people know more about the product material use place, function characteristics and subsequent warranty issues. 1, channel whether brake brake products produce by our factory in the customer purchase channels should learn to distinguish whether pure self locking of the seller or factory. Yourself through a variety of ways to confirm the need of course, such as go to the scene view, because a lot of selling channel channel is not their own production of brake brake machine, but only do assembly, assembly is assembled, work in nature, there is no original fine workmanship. 2, chassis is 304 stainless steel material, currently have a manufacturer USES 201, judging by thickness, for example, three roll brake general thickness is 1. 5. 3, movement, movement is the core component of all kinds of channel gate, is a channel can brake the assurance of normal operation and service life. Everyone must be on channel when buy brake machine ask much more understanding.
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