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The development trend of access control system

by:Keyable     2021-08-07
The development trend of the access control system 1. The security is the same as all technologies, and the newer system is more secure and more mature. 2. Access control system integration capabilities 'Internet of ThingsSecurity technology, optimize the management and development of the city, improve the problems of urban development and build a gridded social security prevention and control system, so that the future development of the city will be networked, high-definition, intelligent and system integration, and coordinated response by multiple departments Comprehensive command and dispatch to improve the prevention and emergency response capabilities of various accidents, disasters, cases and emergencies. Therefore, in the construction of large platforms such as the Internet of Things and the construction of smart cities, the access control system is no longer a mode of independent operation of each subsystem, but must be able to integrate other professional systems such as building automation, closed-circuit monitoring, anti-theft and fire alarm systems. Coordinate the linkage, so that the security integrity and safety are improved. 3. The openness of the system realizes a variety of applications other than the access control system, including electronic payment parking lot management, computer desktop login system, elevator control and other applications, and through the open access control architecture, seamless upgrades are achieved, providing different upgrade options for the future . 4. The application of mobile access control systems will increase and expand to other applications. In 2012, the access control industry has laid the foundation for the deployment of mobile access control solutions based on nfc mobile devices. Open doors and other applications through the user's own mobile phone, including using their mobile phones to access computers, networks, and related information materials, and also use mobile phones to open doors and enter safe areas, bringing more convenience to users. 5. Moving towards cloud applications With the advent of mobile access control, another issue worthy of attention is how to deploy and manage virtual credential cards carried by users' nfc smartphones. Enterprises will be able to configure mobile access control virtual credential cards in two ways. The first is through an Internet workstation similar to the configuration of traditional plastic credential cards (mobile devices are connected to the network via usb or wi-fi). The second way is through the mobile network operator for air configuration, similar to the way smartphone users download applications and songs. The mobile phone application will generate a one-time dynamic password or receive this password via SMS. Various other access control keys and virtual credential cards will be sent from the air to the mobile phone through a convenient, cloud-based configuration mode, which eliminates credentials The risk of card being copied, temporary credential cards can be issued, lost or stolen credential cards can be cancelled, and security parameters can be monitored and modified when needed. Chengdu Access Control System--Chengdu Ruiminle Technology Co., Ltd. is a company integrating Sichuan and Chengdu monitoring system installation and maintenance, monitoring equipment, camera camera installation, home security monitoring, access control system, weak current engineering, integrated wiring, video monitoring, alarm system, anti-theft system , Smart home as a multi-faceted technical service company, to provide you with satisfactory solutions. Welcome to inquire!
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