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The development direction of domestic entrance guard system

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
Entrance guard system, which is commonly known as the gateway control system, is to use a custom character recognition or pattern recognition techniques for inward and outward object identification and control of inward and outward opening and closing of the electronic actuator system or network. Entrance guard system biggest characteristic is to change the passive monitoring to active control, can realize the powers of the period of time, direction, points out the bidirectional control management, greatly reduce the pressure of the security personnel, and can achieve in raising the degree of safety to save manpower. With the gradually popularization of the intelligent community demand for entrance guard system in the residential project is also growing. Therefore, entrance guard industry competition degree. With biometric technology matures, biometric access control system is the market gradually warming. To develop the most mature and fast fingerprint entrance guard system as an example, the most core components is fingerprint identification chips. According to entrance guard system industry market survey analysis, fingerprint sensors markets around the world will be 23 in 2004. 400 million dollars up to 43 in 2011. 800 million dollars. Multinationals SAGEM occupied the absolute superiority, but our country local carmakers such as adel, core micro has successfully developed fingerprint identification chip, is expected to be in this emerging market pie. The personage inside course of study points out that the future will be more intelligent recognition technology, alarm technology and quick action will be applied to the entrance guard system. Entrance guard supplier will and engineering, software developers and even security companies, property management and so on to an increasingly diverse cooperation, give users more sense of security. Specifically, under 20 small projects, occupies the absolute main force domestic manufacturers, and in 100 above the door of the big project, Chinese companies are only about a quarter of the market share. Have industry relevant personage thinks, foreign enterprise is more emphasis on entrance guard system technology research and development and innovation, while domestic enterprises focus on marketing, can according to the market demand quickly followed suit, but technically still lags behind that of the people. For example, many domestic companies flagship product is & other; One cartoon & throughout; Entrance guard system, its advantage is low cost, convenient installation, but due to lack of product standards and industry standards, more and more problems such as poor stability, low price dumping. Also think so, after China's entrance guard the way out lies in technology of the industry, or it can only be & other; Can eat satisfied, eat bad & throughout; 。
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