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The countermeasure research of state-owned enterprise checkingattendance management risk

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
Attendance management is enterprise or business unit to statistics of the employee's attendance management system, including the staff to work late and leave early from work, leisure behavior such as absenteeism leave, overtime string, is the most fundamental business management system. But in the state-owned enterprises under the stable atmosphere, attendance often become a mere formality. This article will focus on the risk of problems existing in the state-owned enterprise checkingattendance management list analysis, and put forward corresponding measures to prevent future problems. State-owned enterprise checkingattendance management risk countermeasures study 1, perfecting the system of check on work attendance management, in the whole unit of the public after signed by all the staff for confirmation. Will let all the staff after legal perfect attendance record system of the public sign, after the legalization process can be identified for the enterprise to staff told the company attendance management system. 2, strictly implement the attendance management system, no specialized leaders take the lead in execution. Leading by example to have a voice and dignity in front of subordinates, can be qualified to be able to supervise and manage the subordinate of attendance, let employees feel respect, equality and stimulate staff's work enthusiasm. 3 need to staff the signature confirmation, cycle work records, attendance records kept for minimum two years. Perfect to work, go off work, late, leave early, overtime, leave, absenteeism, such as attendance record contents, application form for employees for his own abnormal attendance the situation shows that employees and department head signature confirmation. By unit of choose and employ persons and laborer to confirm attendance records can be used as the basis of the presence of overtime facts. 4, strict work overtime, leave formalities for examination and approval, examination and approval authority. Overtime must fill in the overtime approval in advance by the department head in advance after approval, approved by the general manager shall be reported to the personnel department, archive registration, as a basis for the application of compensatory or in the future accounting overtime; Employees leave must fill in the leave form submitted to the department head in advance approval, more than 3 days after approved by the general manager shall be reported to the personnel department, archive registration, temporary leave should submit application form within 2 days. 5, link deductions and attendance and performance, prevent to take off the post. Strictly enforce attendance management system of rewards and punishment measures, set up special attendance supervision personnel, for the clock and then take off hillock staff shall be carried out in accordance with the off duty time deductions, make normal attendance of staff psychological balance, the idea of killing everyone wants to be PaoBingJia, lower labor cost. Above all, employees' attendance management is the basis of enterprise management, the state-owned enterprises want to increase your energy levels, want to better survive in the fierce market competition, the development and transformation, we must pay special attention to the foundation work, seize the staff's professional dedication, only improve the system of rigorous, equally attendance management to employees equal and be respected, to maximize the inspire the employee's sense of belonging and potential, because the human resource is the first resource. But also improve the system of strict to establish corporate image, to reduce the enterprise labor dispute litigation risk.
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