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The content of network system maintenance, Chengdu monitoring and installation

by:Keyable     2021-08-02
For the content of network system maintenance, Chengdu monitoring and installation    maintenance work ensures the normal, efficient and stable operation of the system on the one hand, and on the other hand objectively extends the service life of the equipment, so let’s first look at the main contents of network system maintenance. 1. Maintain the normal operation of property office equipment regularly (including printer ink head cleaning, copier maintenance, computer system optimization, network optimization, etc.) virus removal, important file backup, CD burning, monitoring installation. 2. Maintenance, maintenance, update, upgrade, fault detection and elimination of computer hardware equipment, and submit to the customer in writing for the problems existing in the customer's computer equipment and peripheral equipment, and put forward reasonable solutions in the written suggestions. Chengdu Monitoring and Installation. 3. Keep track of the use, maintenance and repair of each computer hardware equipment and peripheral equipment, and report to the customer in writing. 4. Computer installation, purchase and debugging, parts assembly and debugging, upgrade installation and debugging, operating system installation and maintenance, office software installation and maintenance, other application software maintenance, Internet installation optimization, printer installation, scanner installation, CD burning Computer, CD-ROM drive, provision and installation of application software suitable for enterprises, data backup and computer accessories procurement services, Chengdu monitoring and installation. 5. Routine regular inspections of the customer's computer hardware and peripheral equipment are carried out. The company's designated personnel are responsible for the use of the company's equipment. If problems are found, they will be reported to us for timely processing. 6. Printer maintenance, including: printer debugging, purchasing and installation of printer consumables. 7. Check the power supply and connection lines used by the computer to prevent the excessive load of the equipment from affecting the use of the equipment. 8. Responsible for the maintenance and adjustment of all computer and telephone lines in the customer's building, and make the corresponding wiring and drawing revisions, all line adjustments have written records, and check the system maintenance and work log at any time. Make the daily cleaning of the wiring closet and wiring clear, and clearly marked. In order to facilitate line adjustment or troubleshooting, there is a good response to Chengdu monitoring installation. 9. Provide network switch or HUB debugging, fault diagnosis, daily maintenance, replacement and upgrade suggestions. 10. Lock the IP address of each computer in the network to prevent IP conflicts from causing the computer to be unable to use Chengdu Monitoring and Installation.
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