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The communication between the four key points to teach you how to choose and buy entrance guard system

by:Keyable     2020-06-24
Landing-answer entrance guard system is implemented in the multi-story or high-rise building visitors, residents and property management center can talk to each other, communicate information and realize the management of community security access control system. Through the system, visitors can pass unit downstairs in front of the host easily call dialogue with tenants, and in the absence of a key contact property management personnel, to assist the open cell door lock, alarm host which can receive at any time at the gate of residents to host notifications village security guards on duty. Landing-answer application of entrance guard system not only enhances the high-rise residential security work, but also greatly facilitate the resident, reduce many unnecessary fluctuation building, safe and reliable communication more convenient and quick. Choose a safe and reliable performance and stable landing-answer entrance guard system, can bring a lot of convenience to our life. So how to choose and buy? The following is a summary of the four key points: manufacturers strength is very important in a lot of digitized houses or attendees run is good, but in the actual project may not be able to check and accept. Based on the number of TCP/IP intercom tend to have sound, how to deal with the problem of image, voice to do echo elimination, image to do delay time is very small, this is not so easy. Before buying the product, therefore, to investigate whether the manufacturer has a high level of research and development team, whether there is a high efficient management team, whether done some typical engineering projects. System stability to be reckoned with any product, stable and reliable is essential. Now the village households, in tens of thousands of households, even if the system is not stable, often appear problem, will seriously affect the community residents. Whether digital intercom system reliable operation, therefore, is one of the important indicators calculation stability. Therefore, should not only watch the product presentation, but also the field case of maturity. Some system in the model project running well, but doesn't mean still do well in practical application. In the actual engineering, complex environment may be manufacturer cannot imagine, so other actual case, listen to the owner of the voice, will let you buy felt relieved, live in comfort. Product process design since the intercom system has been integrated into our life, we all use every day, therefore, technology of digital video intercom system must and household style close to appearance. Intercom products must also rely on appearance to impress users, a good impression to the user. Generally have the strength of manufacturers, for the same series of products have a variety of color design, structural design style, the choice of material is high school low-grade, more important is the design concept, humanized operation design, can make the user feel very intimate. Excellent service first-class enterprise, first-class service. Service to a large extent influence the final decision of users, and digital video intercom just began to enter the market, if the service do not reach the designated position, the user may still choose analog video intercom system. This service includes pre-sale service, still include after service, after-sale need for user training, and technical review on a regular basis, asked whether the product has a problem, to provide users with satisfactory service, will eventually win the trust of users.
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