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The choose and buy of pendulum brake which problems need to pay attention to

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
Lock this door gate, compared to other brake machine, are fast traffic, in and out of traffic volume and the characteristics of beautiful appearance and so on. Therefore, in normal times, brake application is very extensive. In the community, scenic areas, factories, supermarkets and other places, you can see the figure of brake. However, many customers friend when selecting a pendulum brake, but does not understand the problems that need to pay attention to. Today, according to the choose and buy of pendulum brake problem, let's look at suzhou empty the introduction of technology and technical personnel. The choose and buy of you to provide some help. 【 Brake factory house 】 The choose and buy of pendulum brake need to pay attention to what problem 1, beautiful sex: swing doors the tide of brake machine is single column double pendulum, and slim. Beautiful sex can only judge for themselves. 2, security: general by infrared electric brake testing flow and detect errors, swing doors will hit a pedestrian, cause unnecessary disputes, photocell quantity can't too little. Swing doors rotational energy cannot too big, or you will hurt. Placed in the closed position, the door can be manually break, otherwise lost the basic requirement of entrance guard. 3, reliability: the reliability of the brake machine is based on the reliability of the various parts of the brake machine and integrated way. Choose good quality parts is the foundation, such as card reader, controller, display, etc. ; Integration mode mainly the design and selection of the control unit and communication methods. Lightning protection components have also is related to the reliability of the equipment. 4, rotating life: pendulum brake is driven by an electric motor rotating, moving, motor life and retarding mechanism life decided to mechanical life of the equipment. 5, material: sluice gate for common people, all kinds of external force is frequent, mechanical strength is an important consideration; Brake machine running for a long time, is a & quot; The portal & quot; , ought to be beautiful, so choose 1. 5 - 2. 0 mm stainless steel material is necessary. Stainless steel material is divided into many types, had better use 304 stainless steel. Portal page material using the flexible material is good. 6, bar code reader at the top of the glass material: bar code reader above must be transparent, using organic glass of low cost, easy fabrication and installation, but after repeatedly brush ticket, glass will wear coarse, affect the bar code read speed and accuracy, so we must adopt wear-resisting of quartz glass. 7, recount speed: brake machine passing through the heavy traffic in the recount traffic speed is an important indicator. Check-in speed depends on the brake machine control mode, communication networking mode, recount processing software, mechanical movement speed. In general, the brake machine response speed within 500 ms. The choose and buy of pendulum brake which problems need to pay attention to. To the question of the pendulum brake from the above introduction, we also know some. In general, the choice of the pendulum brake, it is necessary to pay attention to the problems above, and also to pay attention to the problem of installation environment. So, if you want to know more, you can contact our staff. As a professional manufacturer, we will have a corresponding solution. Let you at ease, rest assured.
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