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The benefits of the IC card water control system application

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
Smart IC card water control system is aiming at the present state of water and the actual characteristics of the development of high and new intelligent water-saving management system. This system take the user card out of the water, water supply, multi-purpose charge more, use less charge less, no money in the card automatically close the valve to stop the use of the water supply way. Through the card can be easily rate setting, parameter setting, without complex network. The operation is simple, easy to use. Used widely, such as schools, industrial and mining, public bathroom, boiled water room and house, laundry, etc. Smart IC card water control system is a new measures to solve the waste of water resources. Saving water has become a global problem urgently to be solved at present. Save resources, avoid waste. Using smart IC card water control system, at the same time of day endowment income, also can bring many benefits to users: one, the charge is more fair and reasonable. More water charge more, less water charge less, more in line with the consumer psychology of students, but also avoids some students intentionally bad habits of waste water, delay the time. Second, reduce the labor intensity of the workers. Department no duty system, Chinese bathroom entrance set a enough to managers, the staff can be appropriately to streamline, save labor costs, the administrator don't have to worry about students not credit card, not to vote, truly modern, scientific management, greatly improves the management level. Three, IC card water control machine completely offline use, avoid the failure caused by network wiring.
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