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The application of face recognition entrance guard the gate

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
Along with the advance of technology, intelligent video analysis is more and more significant role in the field of security video surveillance, intelligent video analysis application in rail transit mainly includes the video quality diagnosis, intelligent video retrieval, face recognition and matching, intelligent behavior analysis, etc. Under the emphasis on the face recognition and contrast the use of technology in the tunnel gate. One, the system architecture faces big data capture system mainly using the algorithm of face detection, face tracking algorithm, face quality grading algorithm and face recognition algorithm. Metro elevator entrance or channel gate staff face the capture of acquisition, modeling, storage, import and export of real-time blacklist than alarm and face after retrieval, and other functions. Face snapping machine is mainly deployed in the elevator brake machine import and export of inward and outward or channel. Face snapping machine built-in intelligence analysis algorithm, realize the personnel in and out of the face for automatic capture, track, capture function. Have face region ae function at the same time, to adapt to the various bayonet position can also capture the backlight environment relatively clear face captured. Storage server, disk array storage face candid face model, face images, such as various blacklist database data. Storage after import the resident population of facial features library, monitored personnel database, record personnel face feature database, wade steady face feature database, the country at large personnel face feature database, public security, the second generation id card photo library face model storage, database redundancy backup. Terminal can send collected by computer terminal in a photo face to the management platform, realize the suspicious personnel identity confirmation, at the same time feedback than in search results for all levels of the terminal equipment. Video analysis modeling: server contrast of face snapping machine sent face photos to model. At the same time, blacklist and real-time database researchers. Search service: to realize the collection to capture an information retrieval service. Implementation of permanent population, key monitoring staff, library record library, involved personnel, the country at large personnel import library, update to the face modeling when the storage server. Response to a client terminal at all levels of face than retrieval request, face rapid retrieval. Second, the system application function blacklist real-time alarm, monitor system can according to the need to monitor staff information, Includes name, gender, id number, home address, face photos and other information) Added to the blacklist database. In accordance with the time, place, and then the monitor level, met the information such as alarm threshold, for their staff. System on the location of the specific key places ( Elevator such as subway entrances or brake machine import and export) Capturing real-time have been supervised and blacklist database of personnel in real time, if the face met met set alarm threshold, the system automatically by warning, in the form of sound and remind monitoring management. Monitoring managers can according to check double-click the alarm information capture video artwork and verify. Personnel information acquisition and face information database established the camera face the monitoring image capture, capture, identification and monitor than the police. Face snapping machine in the set to pass area personnel for face detection and face tracking, face quality grading algorithm can automatically select a person's positive face most clear facial image information as the captured image. And face photos, upload the information such as time, paparazzi snapping location face management platform for storage, unified storage, for later retrieval and query. Researchers quickly identified in the system input query faces, the system automatically detect the face information and intercepting face in the photo, the user to select need to retrieve the face after the similarity, period after setting parameters such as the corresponding personnel information of the rolls begin to retrieve, finally to retrieve the results of similar faces will be displayed on the interface, implementation staff information for quick confirmation.
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