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The APP can also be used when the entrance card

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
Card entrance guard system can greatly improve the convenience of people's life, but the following scenario, whether or not you met? Scenario 1: sitting in my office, will always be people who visit knocking at the door, you often want to get up to open the door, not only to lose work, sometimes just to find inspiration, it didn't. Scene 2: family forgot to bring my keys, colleagues will go into your office to take important papers. 。 。 。 。 。 。 While your body is in the thousands of miles away in other cities, to fly back to open the door at this time, delivery cost is too high and too slow keys. 。 。 。 。 。 。 Was choosing the rush! Scenario 3: forgot to bring my keys or entrance card, rejected. Scenario above length will encounter in our daily life, brings us a more or less trouble. In order to avoid and solve these problems, to provide users with more convenient, intelligent access control management system, policy ze company developed the latest mobile phone APP entrance guard control function. Ze APP entrance guard control function, policy is ze intelligent entrance guard system is a new feature. Can be installed on mobile phones & other; Ce ze mobile access & throughout; Software to control the entrance guard. In our daily life, mobile carry-on rate is the highest, higher than keys, magnetic card. Installed in mobile apps is not only easy to carry, can be used anytime and anywhere, but also the remote locations and open the door. And will not increase any costs to users. Control the door list interface, can control the door list (will be displayed Generated by door access system background Settings) 。 Click to answer the door icon to open the door, the door normal online, after receives commands to open the door, there will be a & other; Ding dong & throughout; Success of voice to prompt to open the door and have XXX open success message. When the door is not online or service program was not open, the program will have a voice and open the message of failure.
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