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The advantages of wireless consumer machine

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
Consumption of machine can be used in the dining room, supermarket, playground and other places and data for unified management of funds. Here in the canteen, for example, to 100 - 200 people dining room, a consumer machine can meet all the people of rice process quickly. The small dining room, use our usb stick Chinese consumption machine, liquid crystal display in Chinese, Chinese speech, no wiring, data can be collected through usb stick and upload. Moreover, consumer machine itself bring top-up and hanging function. 99% of customers to meet demand. Although through U disk to transfer data out the wiring trouble, but every time collecting data need to the dining room to run a trip is a little trouble. Network consumption machine solves the U disk machine data troublesome problem, can at any time on the computer software to collect the data needed to himself. Is suitable for network cables laid in place of the dining room. Wireless consumer machine is ce ze company recently launched the new communication consumption machine, which combines U disk consumption machine and the advantage of network consumption machine, whether you are a small dining room or large canteen, from software to hardware function, wireless consumer machine can perfect match your needs. Through field testing, ce ze company wireless consumer machines as far as the communication distance of up to 1000 meters.
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