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Technology and access to promote the rapid development of Chinese entrance guard market

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
Jiangsu province public security border crossings lianyungang introduced intelligent digital access control management system. System has the function of a total of nine, including classified carrier especially management functions, the station is installed on all classified carrier & other; Alarm & throughout; And implementation of positioning, as long as out of secret places, the camp will be sounded the alarm. Intelligent entrance guard system also includes the vehicle management, visitor management, perimeter protection, attendance management, electronic patrol and key parts of the management system in the camps. Through the intelligent entrance guard system, the station can be easily put inside and outside personnel, video surveillance, intelligent vehicle registration for record, omni-directional to foreign visitors and internal personnel in and out of the camp of dynamic digital control, reduced the cumbersome registration and effectively prevent wrong, leakage, etc. The use of the system, effectively improves the information management level, get the praise of officers and men. Rapid growth in China's intelligent entrance guard, according to the relevant department statistics show that calculated according to 23% annual growth in prior development, in 2013 China intelligent entrance guard system is the size of the market is expected to reach 3. 3 billion yuan, the entrance guard domestic enterprises in the big project also jumped to the dominance in the quarter. These data shows China's intelligent entrance guard industry began to enter the high-speed development period. The vigorous development of China's intelligent entrance guard industry is closely related with the development of modern economic construction and management. With the development of modern economic construction and management, all kinds of hotels, hotels, office buildings, intelligent building, government agencies and enterprises and institutions and advanced property management department, the growing demand for intelligent entrance guard system. The development trend of today's Chinese intelligent entrance guard industry is booming, the market scale is rising year by year. 2005 national entrance guard system around the market size of 1. 5 billion yuan, entrance guard system the size of the market in 2006 to reach 2 billion yuan or so, the growth of about 30%. In 2008 RFID door sales accounted for 87 of the whole security market. 2%. It is not hard to see from the data, RFID entrance guard system is currently the main applications in the field of intelligent entrance guard. However, as the social security concerns for Chinese intelligent entrance guard, the intelligent entrance guard the accelerating the pace of the development and application of new technology, intelligent entrance guard industry in China will gradually enter the safer era of technology. Entrance guard market performance in 2013, 2013, entrance guard industry change, technology and standards to appear, bring vitality to door industry. From the market analysis, mainly in the following five aspects: positive performance: 1, government involvement in the rapid rise in government is targeting a specific industry ( Namely, health care, food processing, water and other utilities) , strengthen the privacy standards and plans, and further enacted instructions related to safety requirements. We can also be found in the field of pharmaceutical education and the influence of this trend. It is important to note that although most civilian infrastructure are controlled by the private sector, but the government in the field of physical access control solution has played a significant impact. 2, new technology and new technology of accelerated ( Including IP connection) Improvement has brought significant impact. According to IMS research, income is expected to more than a serial of IP controller controller, and by 2013 could account for 42. 7% of the market. Low cost, less wiring installation, demand for access smart card reader, and demand for more functions and application integration, may contribute to the development of this trend.
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