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Material: 304 stainless steel

Dimension: 1200L)*280(W)*980(H)mm

Power input: 110V~240V

Motor: 24V/40W DC motor, DC brushless motor with electromagnetic clutch optional

Working temperature: -10°C~70°C

Working humidity: <95%, no condensation

Working voltage: DC24V

Swing extend: standard 600mm, option 650~800mm.

Pass rate: 35 people/minute in RFID reading mode

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The swing barrier gate is an intelligent control device for the entrance and exit of the pedestrian passage. The swing barrier gate is a part of the entrance management system, combined with computer and access control system, attendance system, ticketing system, which can realize various of functions for different scope. Advantage of swing gate is the channel width can be extend easily, support motor bike bicycle and wheelchair pass.


KB1201 is a regular swing barrier gate, it suitable for most of the entrance for pedestrian and motorcycle, chassis with waterproof design, support install for outdoor and indoor.


RFID, QR code, Facial, Fingerprint,ESD tester and other reading method integrated Channel width


The flap barrier gate is an intelligent control device for the entrance and exit of the pedestrian passage.


◆ Start up self-test function, automatic recovery in locked state
◆ Direction adjustable, one-way traffic, bi-direction traffic
◆ Fast pass speed for large flow of people
◆ Multiple pairs of IR sensor, make a logical judgment on the behavior of pedestrians, realize anti-pinch, tail alarm, reverse pass alarm, illegal enter alarm function
◆ While swing blocked, swing rollback automatically(for brushless motor option only)
◆ Channel free pass in emergency situation
◆ Reserved standard IO interface for third-party access control system
◆ LED indication to prompt passway status
◆ Built-in motherboard with counting function
◆Pass-throught memory function: when more then two legal verification, the system will remember all the traffic requests and complete each traffic action in turn


Quality warranty service scope

The design, production, installation, commissioning and service of KEYABLE products are carried out in the quality management system mode. With our many years of engineering experience, we guarantee that the entrance management system engineering is carried out with the best quality requirements.









Quality warranty implementation

The senior production director is fully involved, established, implemented, and constantly improving a flexible and effective quality system. Full training and development of personnel. The combination of prevention and improvement, quality control of product development and design, production, sales, service and other processes.
Continuously improve product technology, develop high-tech products, and extend quality assurance to the final stage of the product.
Guaranteed implementation according to plan and procedures, and continuous evaluation and verification during the implementation process.

Production process control

All production processes should be carried out under controlled conditions. When production quality is abnormal, timely analysis and effective improvement measures are required.

Control the quality of the material and require the supplier to provide documentation to verify the quality of the incoming material.

Inspection, test control


Establish a quality inspection department to be responsible for approving inspection plans and inspection procedures to ensure that all types of materials or products pass the required inspection and testing.
Check equipment and measuring instruments regularly.
After the finished product is assembled, the quality inspectors shall carry out the final inspection and testing of the finished product according to the inspection standard and inspection plan, and the products after passing the inspection shall be put into storage and sales.

Technical service and maintenance control

We guarantee to provide our customers with good technical advice, accessories and repair services in accordance with the requirements of the contract, and keep a complete record and customer tracking.
Quality problems occur during the user's delivery or during operation, and the after-sales service personnel feedback to the relevant departments to take corrective actions in a timely manner.
When the contract has special requirements, provide after-sales service according to the relevant provisions of the contract, and maximize the satisfaction of customer requirements.


Adhering to the concept of "quality above all, hassle-free services", we will continuously improve the quality of our services while ensuring the advancement, reliability and stability of our systems, from after-sales system maintenance management, technical services, user technical training, etc. In terms of ensuring that customers use our system, they can get the best maintenance and the fastest technical support.

Maintain service

We providing online&off-line after sales service, answer questions about products over e-mail, or online communication.

The maintenance service center personnel have rich experience in system maintenance and are always ready to provide the best service to customers.



Hardware warranty

  1. The system with 2 years warranty from the date of signing, life-long aftersales service
  2. Free shipping hardware replacement during the warranty period, if there is hardware damage or can not work under normal use conditions
  3. Failure or damage caused by man-made or natural disasters during the warranty period, only hardware cost and shipping costs are charged

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty

  1. Damage caused by improper operation and man-made or natural disasters.
  2. Damage caused by disassembly and replacement of any part of the machine (such as wiring, parts).
  3. Non-professional technicians guide the failure caused by the installation.
  4. Not installed according to the installation manual







Update service

This product design update is improved or the software version is upgraded. The supplier immediately informs and assists the buyer to improve the running system, and provides the new version of the software free of charge, so that the user's system is at the most advanced level and the most perfect state. It will enable users to easily add new services with the progress of the times and bring more benefits.
The company will meet the different requirements of system restructuring, expansion, and demolition, and the company will meet it in a timely and accurate manner. For example, the user needs to change the device installation point, user type and configuration, and re-compile system data, user data, etc., when the capacity of the provisioning system is unchanged. These requirements will be met by the company in a timely manner. For new devices, they are handled by the opening of new devices.写点什么 ...


Direction control

A: IN&OUT authorization
B: IN authorization, Out for free
C: IN authorization only


Reading method

A: RFID    B: Face    C: QR code    D: Fingerprint
E: ESD     F: token RFID card     G: token coin


Metro, BRT, factory, school, tourist attractions, gym, swimming pool, club, etc..

Access control system

A: We provided    B: Your own

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