Suzhou a residential housing for the intelligent entrance guard system installation clap for residents

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
Residential building intelligent entrance guard system installation for resettlement residents pleased sleek facade, pure and fresh and elegant tone, step one scene of shade path, safe and convenient intelligent management system. Street is located in the city cao lake yongchang computed. in garden residential housing, beautiful atmosphere, let the resettlement of residents. According to suzhou decoration net know, recently, the launch of the first batch of 3390 sets of housing district, residents saw device of intelligent entrance guard system of new buildings, all applauded. Nearly 38% of the resettlement residential area covered, plot ratio is lower than 1. 7, the ratio of the garage more than 1:1. 7, these far above the data of construction standards in silently, prove the village high specifications. And enter yongchang computed. in garden village, more can clearly feel it very different from traditional residential housing. Beautiful practical building facade lines, intersection stands the hd camera, all residential buildings to cover intelligent entrance guard system, residents returned upon check-in can be enabled. Considering the customs of local residents, yongchang computed. in garden village has specially set up two of three level reception hall, two hall set up to accommodate more than 200 table, can meet more than 2000 people at the same time the feast. In cao yongchang computed. in lake street community, deputy party secretary jian-liang Yang, high standard, large capacity of reception hall not only provides residents with weddings of the party, can fundamentally solve the past resettlement resettlement community residents often appear after putting-in-service proactively encroachments, community management problems such as environmental regulation. Not only that, yongchang computed. in garden district public room is also equipped with pension center, community center, party members that occupy the home service centers, community health service station, book reading room, dance room, etc. All kinds of function room. The returned resettlement involved cao NiHui lake street, city, satellites, soup creek, yongchang, under the fort 6 administrative villages, etc. Original live satellite village residents returned zou I assigned to nearly 200 square meters of a large and a small house, just get that key zou younger brother excitedly say: pattern of new house is very good, south & other; North connect fully, or closed village, the old man has a group of 'place, children have to play, the living environment is much better than the past. ” Entrance guard system related news is guangzhou company small make up the understanding on the Internet, now most of the village in the city are beginning to install various types of entrance guard system, not only can ensure the safety of their own, but also can give a very good public security environment. For property developers, the good public security environment and reasonable layout of entrance guard system, to improve housing appeal, let more people to buy their own house. Remind everyone here, however, have to find a very good in the entrance guard system installation company, is not a very easy thing, this need everyone know more about this knowledge, so as to make the most reasonable choice. If you don't understand what this, can through the website of relevant contact way to communicate with us.
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