Surveillance cameras fuzzy how repair? Guangzhou monitoring system installation

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
Guangzhou entrance guard system installation co. , LTD is the main operation direction: guiyang monitor installation recommend choosing the most advanced and applicable technology products, through the optimization system integration, to provide users with a reasonable investment, safe, comfortable, efficient, convenient living and working environment the best solution, security monitoring companies, professional rapid install surveillance cameras, video monitoring system, quality monitoring installation and maintenance service. Surveillance cameras fuzzy how repair? There are several kinds of fuzzy, there are several kinds of treatment methods. Case 1, the lens in front of the lens after long time using with dust, lead to fuzzy, can use alcohol to clean the lens situation 2. Camera lens loose parts, lead to focus. Fuzzy. Open the camera, wring lens have not loose. Case 3. Camera lens part is broken, resulting in blurred, replace the lens of the camera. 4. Camera long time aging. Lead to fuzzy. Replace the camera. Surveillance cameras fuzzy how repair?
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