Student speech: running also need to punch in the attendance machine

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
At 7 o 'clock every morning, at four o 'clock in the afternoon, thousands of students humanities institute of science and technology of guizhou university for nationalities, running will flock to the playground. Each run a circle, also need to line up and & other; To play the fingerprint & throughout; 。 The move attracted students ridicule. This year the new semester began, the hospital requirements, every student physique health test substandard running activities must participate in three times a week, every time along the four laps around the playground, teaching building, every run a circle to the specified fingerprint puncher & other; Sign in & throughout; And the rest of the students can be voluntary. Yesterday morning, in order to be able to play on the card, a freshman small wave six point five ten arrived at the playground, found to have queued up to clock out. “ I spend more than 4 minute one lap, line fingerprint with more than ten minutes. School requires running exercise is good for us, but it requires the clock also too not human. ” Yesterday, the students will be sent out this matter & other Guizhou university those things & throughout; 。 The blogger public immediately after the trigger netizens. “ So many students only four attendance machine, it is for people. ” One student said, 'this is running or clock? But, also have students think, it can urge the inert than college students. For this matter, the school vice secretary of party committee secretary, said lu national health situation gradually declining in recent years, in order to help the students do a good job in the body, the good life habit, was launched last year school running activities, during has repeatedly called on students to participate in the meeting, but the effect is not ideal. “ Fingerprint attendance machine, in order to urge the physical quality of poor students insist to take exercise, for each run a circle to play a card, also in order to track statistical scientifically students running time, motion. ” In addition, secretary of the army, said schools are actively communicate with factory, will gradually increase the number of fingerprint attendance machine. “ “ Every morning, afternoon two periods can be run, before putting in place a attendance machine, suggested that schoolmates peak exercise. ”
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