StoneFly Stone Fusion Operating System

by:Keyable     2020-06-07
StoneFly a business subsidiary of DNF Corp is a strong which offers IP SAN solutions from your past decade and more. The software which acts as a driving force to all innovative products launched by StoneFly is Stone Fusion operating system which is has bagged immense recognition and timely awards against the storage business sector. So, might get a doubt that is preferable to just this network storage platform so special and so to a fair to bag recognition and awards. For anyone those, this can be the detailed article, which will really act being an answer everybody queries produced by this network storage foundation. StoneFly patented storage networking OS architecture offers a block level storage intelligence to the IP network core also delivers all the benefits of managed SANs like storage utilization increase possible by resource consolidation, storage provisioning, data volume management, centralized access control and advanced storage services like active-active clustering, mirroring, replication, encryption, snapshots and thin provisioning. The features and benefits of Stone Fusion are aligned below- Stone Fusion operates with IP network based SAN intelligence so it offers benefits like universal connectivity on IP networks and the same thing with the support for iSCSI project. The Stone Fusion operating system works on an existing Ethernet network infrastructure so it lowers the sourcing cost of ownership because it can operate during the existing infrastructure and thus does n't have any additional investments to upgrade the infrastructure. This intelligent operating system offers disaster recovery solutions with its corporate business continuity objectives with advanced features such as mirroring, data migration, disk to disk based backup and restore and active- active failover. Coming to its storage provisioning feature, Stone Fusion offers maximum for example storage resources and also facilitates quick response with IT manager to changes made for the storage. Visiting the backup feature of a stonefly storage appliance, stone Fusion offers this feature as may help administrators to consolidate backup processes in an effort to offer faster and more reliable backups. Moreover, centralized storage management, control and monitoring of storage volumes can even be availed from this storage system. Stone Fusion helps the IT managers to consolidate enterprise backupprocesses in order to achieve more reliable backups that too more quickly. They support disk based backups for faster restore of data in the presentation of data continuity requirement. In order to get seamless snapshots, SAN based Backup of StoneFly Stone Fusion will integrate along with Microsoft Volume shadow copy services. There can be a reduction kept in storage administration overhead as centralized management is created possible by stone Fusion. This operating system will work well with dual technologies like Fibre channel and SCSI protocols so it can be configured to cooperate with off the shelf or legacy data storage. Individual hosts can be restricted specific physical storage devices because they can be available to individual hosts and almost the entire package is possible by the feature of access control lists in StoneFly Stone Blend. So, as an alternative to going to enjoy a separate storage system and separate storage management software, why not go a great all-inclusive solution, which is offered by Stonefly. It really can prove being a cost effective solution and will also be acting for a purposeful solution. For further assistance visit Disaster Recovery.
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