Smart way what are the functions of brake system, and the traditional access control is the difference

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
Brake, also known as car stop, is specially used for roads and parking restrictions channel exit management of motor vehicle equipment. And intelligent way brake can be said to be in a normal way brake on the basis of adding some intelligent design, but the intelligence has great learning, the traditional way brake is purely for the sake of buffer role, for the rest of the such as identification, management, and so on all have no, and intelligent brake, it is not so. Traditional brake, entrance guard generally composed of the following: 1, the entrance guard controller: the core part of the entrance guard system, equivalent to the computer's CPU, in charge of the whole system input and output information processing and storage, control and so on. 2, card reader, read the card data ( Biometric information) The equipment. 3, electric control lock, door lock the door when you leave the execution of the components in the system. Users should according to the requirements on materials, go out needs to choose different locks. 4, card: the key to open the door. Can be printed on the card to the cardholder's personal photos, open the door card too. 5, and other equipment. The function of the intelligent way brake that in addition to the above, but also add some advanced science and technology: 1, license plate recognition technology; 2, high-speed electronic brake control system; 3, intelligent management software system. The most obvious advantages of smart way brake is not parking pass, of course there are other advantages: 1, high degree of automation, manpower and material resources cost savings, low comprehensive cost. 2, relative to the inward and outward supervision personnel manual control, achieved significantly automation, reducing the inward and outward supervisor work difficulty and workload, reduce the incidence of the man-made accidents. 3, relative to close a credit card to confirm the identity of the parking lot system, realize the considerable intelligence, eliminated this unit ( System) Vehicle parking - Open the window - Credit card - Start the passage, the tedious process; Instead, without parking pass directly import and export. 4, without complex system software, it can be run offline, can be in online again transport vehicles records offline runtime. For some traditional car brake down and hit people, smart way brake is also very good to prevent this: 1, sensing detection, namely when the vehicle is not leave the gate under the brake lever to sense induction range, the brake will not fall. Resistant to hit 2, infrared detection, using the infrared correlation detection way brake is the area before the vehicles or pedestrians, in detecting infrared correlation preventing worldwide hit stop, brake will not fall. 3, torque, power brake at the whereabouts if meet resistance, will stop falling and lift rod, is one of the important measures to prevent the car or people injuring. 4, embedded on the along with damping of the gear lever inflatable rubber hose, so even if hit a car or a person, is also a inflatable elastic rubber hose, rather than the metal bar, car, or to avoid serious injuries. Along with the advance of science, more and more new technology park will join this big family, parking parking lot enterprises also can give users more cow force technology, better use of equipment, more accurate algorithm, more rigorous process, more reliable after-sale, solve the problem of parking difficulty will no longer be.
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