Smart home starting from the intelligent entrance guard

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
After the Nest and Dropcam Google acquisition, Google wants to do more in the field of smart home we wouldn't be surprised. Just months after the acquisition of the two companies, Google has submitted an application for a patent for a new. Google hopes to make the house more intelligence, and it all began, not browsers and smart phones, but the entrance guard. Of course, its description of components includes the doorbell, switch and wall socket. At first glance, the division of the patent look look like a boring system. But the point is not that it is how to protect the security of the house, but hidden in the patent. Intelligent doorbell already is nothing new, such as originally called Doorbot, later renamed the Ring. And after buying the Dropcam, Google has easily won the required technical and professional knowledge. Of course, as a new industry, the smart door locks may also bring a lot of trouble to Google or risk, because it requires both safety and convenience. Mentioned in the patent & other; Intelligence into the detector & throughout; , is actually composed of two parts, it can detect whether a door or a window is opened. Google's patent more than covered the entrance to the house, but also involves the light detection and & other; Smart wall switch & throughout; So that the intelligent home appliance also become more manageable. Yet all this, of course, is a patent, so we cannot guarantee that the above concept will soon be made into actual products and listed. But believe that if Google really started to enter the field of smart home, will definitely is a force to be reckoned with.
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