Smart CARDS replace all bank card

by:Keyable     2020-06-27
Now, almost every enterprise, hoping to share in the field of mobile payment, and the use of a single card management all your credit card, debit card solution also has always been coveted by people, while offering stratos mobile payment service may be able to do this perfect. Stratos is a has just launched a new mode of payment, and hope to be able to replace the user all the plastic card in the wallet. Specifically, stratos is a built-in bluetooth connection function of smart card, it will take you all the information such as credit CARDS, VIP CARDS, card while all set to this card, and can facilitate consumers in places such as ATM, restaurants and gas stations to complete the transaction. Through stratos corresponds to the client, the user can switch to use the card and check the transaction records. It is understood that the company is developing to join record recommendations, including location and spending more new functions such as virtual card. And stratos CARDS have five color optional, these CARDS are have waterproof function, and passed the iso standard test. Stratos developers said that the magical thing about this stratos is whether credit CARDS, debit CARDS, card or gift card, almost anyone with a magnetic stripe card can load the information stratos. Speaking of which, may already have many readers thought of stratos security issues, but stratos said if stratos card users have paired phones more than you leave after a period of time will automatically shut down, and to reject any deal. Stratos also said he used the bank level encryption standard to protect the card in the card information. Stratos, such as apple pay and samsung compared these mobile payment service is more outstanding, because the service is used off-the-shelf technology, therefore stratos from the first day of the launch had 100% of the business. In terms of fees, stratos does not require consumers to pay for the CARDS, it launched a $95 or $145 a year two years subscription usage patterns. Stratos said the company hopes to provide consumers with the most complete experience, every year new CARDS, and provide them with lost in consumer card in card service, just like a bank. It should be said that stratos this idea does have a point. Because the company plans to adopt in the future some more advanced means of payment verification, such as non-contact emv standard, and the stratos is currently with the Banks and card issuers to discuss the possibility of cooperation in the field. So far, stratos won $7 million financing, investors including the toba capital partners, western technology investment, resonant venture partners and Hyde park venture partners. Stratos is convinced that his expected to become the mobile payment market spoiler. Need to point out that stratos first will only for the U. S. market, and in the future will be the product launch of the global market.
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