Significance and important role of office monitoring installation

by:Keyable     2021-07-31
Significance and important role of office monitoring installation In recent years, with the development of security, many companies have installed monitoring equipment in their employees’ offices. As soon as employees enter the office, they have the feeling of being supervised by their eyes. Uncomfortable. In the past, people monitored equipment, but now people are monitored by equipment. Everyone has different opinions on this. What embarrass the employees is that even if everyone is working hard, it is inevitable that there are still some small actions, such as picking their noses, tickling and so on. Sometimes when they are seen by curious people, they will be talked about and laughed. Fan feels very awkward, let alone being photographed by the surveillance in Chengdu Surveillance. The reason employees object to the installation of surveillance is that they feel that they are being monitored, not trusted, and their privacy is threatened. Therefore, the installation of monitoring is sometimes improperly handled, which will cause employees to feel that they are being monitored. If they are not trusted by the boss, their work enthusiasm will decrease. In severe cases, they will leave the company because of depressed monitoring of office life; There will inevitably be some indecent small actions in the office area. If you accidentally cause the video to flow out, the privacy of employees will immediately be violated by Chengdu surveillance. But in fact, if it is handled well—such as informing employees in advance before installation, the company strictly abides by the confidentiality obligations of employees, and prohibiting the leakage of monitoring content, etc.—office monitoring still has many benefits. For example, we can better protect the safety of our property and provide a good video proof restoration scene when disputes or disagreements arise. The editor of the enterprise office believes that surveillance is not used to infringe the privacy of others, and it is unnecessary to think that surveillance is installed. It means distrusting others, on the contrary, monitoring only the villain, regardless of the gentleman, can create a safe environment for everyone. In modern society, the surveillance system plays an increasingly important role in production and life, and has become an indispensable safety barrier in people’s lives. Public security organs in various places rely on video surveillance to assist in solving crimes. The rate of detection has also soared. With the construction of a safe city, the monitoring system will become more and more integrated into our lives and play its important role in Chengdu monitoring. Summarize several important roles that monitoring plays in our work and life: ① Display real-time monitoring screens; allow you to control the status of the monitoring area in real time without leaving the monitoring room or computer, improve work efficiency, and achieve control of the monitoring area. Fourteen hours of monitoring without missing points. ② Post-event video inquiries; if there is a theft that cannot be detected and stopped in time, we can call the video playback, so that the criminals have no place to shield, and provide important clues for the public security organs to solve the case. ③ Give a deterrent effect to the villain who wants to behave badly; when he realizes that he is exposed to the surveillance range, he dare not stretch out his hand, and he will be caught. ④ It is convenient for managers to understand and grasp the progress and status of work in a timely manner, without having to personally go to the office site to realize personnel, office and other information. ⑤ Network remote viewing operation control; as long as you can view the monitored area in real time on a computer or mobile phone with a network, you can see what you want anytime and anywhere during holidays and business trips. Generally speaking, the benefits of office surveillance far outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, the installation of office cameras has exploded in recent years. People have become more and more accustomed to being within the shooting range of cameras. In the near future, it is believed that Installation monitoring in the work area will become the regular configuration of Chengdu monitoring for most companies.
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