Shandong yantai 64 old community will install 'digital' realizing a complete coverage of monitoring

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
According to know guangzhou entrance guard system installation company, yantai has for years been old village is the soft rib of urban management, social security, to completely change zhifu old plot this problem, the yantai chefoo district party committee, the district government decided in 4000 ten thousand yuan, in 64 old community installation of electronic monitoring, and network with the monitoring system of urban management, public security, realize the old residential area within their respective jurisdictions, back streets full cover video monitoring, further promote jurisdictions, safety construction and the city of fine management to promote residents' sense of security and happiness. “ Digital & throughout; Install covers 64 old community & other; As of zhifu district this year old village renovation project & ndash; — — Electronic monitoring system installation project, has completed the bidding procedures, in succession, won the bid by the construction unit in 64 old community for installation. ” The relevant person in charge of zhifu district urban management bureau said. The reason why the controller introduces, old village face problems such as urban management, public security, on the one hand, because the construction of the community s early, has such problems as loose missing dimension facilities, security management; Old village, on the other hand, tend to be concentrated in urban areas is busy section, line construction obstacle, the more to the electronic monitoring of older communities increased the difficulty. In order to solve this problem, the early zhifu district government invest a lot of manpower material resources, the old in the area under its jurisdiction, 3 without the basic situation, probe the stationing, monitoring scope and equipment price, and so on and so forth were investigated to find and planning guidance, and after extensive consultation with serious discussion research, lays the foundation for complete video monitoring of older communities construction. The electronic monitoring system installation range dongshan, xiangyang, yu huang, phoenix palace, tong, happiness and the zhifu island, street area, where 1995 years ago, on the state-owned land in the construction of old village, install & all other Digital & throughout; 。 Currently, zhifu district urban management bureau led joint related to street agency, community residents' committees, police station and construction units, fishing expeditions shall further check, to early to ensure that electronic monitoring system installation project with good quality. “ The project will begin with jade community and phoenix palace, the people's livelihood, gold ditch village community, etc. Start the installation, and then gradually to other old community, community work overtime to advance, strive for early next year to complete, realizing a complete coverage of monitoring. ” The official said. Community monitoring will dock with the digital urban management, skynet & other; ‘ Digital & rsquo; After the installation is complete, the community residents' committees headquarters or other suitable place to establish the control room, and the community monitoring system with zhifu district urban management bureau of digital management platform and the public security sub-bureau of chefoo & lsquo; Skynet & rsquo; Project implementation. ” The relevant person in charge of zhifu district urban management bureau said. “ Facts have proven that monitoring on the safety of the residential area has a huge role. ” Zhifu district urban management bureau relevant controller introduces, in recent years, zhifu district have the white stone streets to pilot of older communities such as green Chinese community, to overhaul, considered the status of the village community property management and establish a sound mechanism, to realize connecting the simultaneously. Among them, the community green China installed electronic monitoring system, set up a control room, realizing a complete coverage of monitoring. Monitoring and control system is installed, the community public security situation has improved significantly, the phenomenon of 'thirty-three also gone, also provides evidence to solve a civil dispute. In recent years, the public security sub-bureau for building chefoo combines predominant control dealing, comprehensive coverage of online and offline three-dimensional public security prevention and control system, powerful propulsion & other; Skynet engineering & throughout; Surveillance video system, effectively improved the dynamic social control ability, to realize the steady of social politics, public security situation. Community monitoring system with & other; Skynet engineering & throughout; After interconnection, will further improve the multi-level, multi-field, comprehensive public security prevention and control system, a strong increase of district public security prevention and control ability and level. Since the zhifu district urban management bureau set up a digital city management command platform, using advanced technology, improve the detection, disposal ability of city management problems, effectively promoted the city on the solution of the problem. But, due to the community monitoring system did not cover, most of the city management problems clues on the summary of the informants, cleaner, and people to report, some problems happened for days or even weeks before was found, is not conducive to timely and efficient to solve the problem. Community monitoring system and digital management platform, where the hygienic dead Angle, where the dustbin of damaged, where the presence of business, where the green belts damaged, where disorderly garbage and other uncivilized behavior & hellip; … The life is closely linked with members of the urban management & other; Details & throughout; , can through the monitoring and control system in a timely manner to the digital city management platform, improve the efficiency of urban management, in order to achieve precise, agile, efficient, full time, all-round, fine city management goal, provides a strong support.
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