Seven Tips for Purchasing 'Access Control System'

by:Keyable     2021-07-31
In recent years, as the process of urbanization continues to accelerate, my country’s high-rise buildings are developing rapidly and increasing. The construction of buildings with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people has become more and more common, facing more and more complex personnel. Management and control have far exceeded the carrying capacity of traditional access control, so more and more high-end office buildings are upgrading access control system equipment to meet demand and keep up with the times. At present, the access control system is mainly divided into radio frequency identification access control and biometric access control according to the development. Radio frequency identification access control is a traditional access control with ID card and IC card (all-in-one card) as the medium, which increasingly highlights easy to lose, easy to lose, easy to copy, easy to forget, etc. And other drawbacks, and the access control equipped with biometric technology has made further breakthroughs. Face, fingerprint, palmprint, iris and other recognition methods are more secure and more intelligent. Among them, face recognition technology is the representative, which is also the most current. One of the hot recognition methods. Seven Tips for Purchasing Access Control System First, strong stability: Stability is the preferred principle for most security systems. We should try our best to choose companies with long-standing brands and multiple authoritative certifications, and highly recognized in the industry, to ensure that the system can run mature and stable. Second, strong anti-damage ability: The main function and purpose of the access control system is to protect the safety of people and property. Therefore, the system must have high anti-damage ability to prevent man-made damage. In addition, the equipment and the system itself must be resistant to high temperature and low temperature. , Humidity and heat, and can prevent static electricity, anti-interference, etc. Third, excellent compatibility: It is necessary to consider the upgrade and expansion of later equipment and systems. Fourth, flexible scalability: As the application of the access control system becomes more and more extensive, it is linked with other systems, such as elevator control systems, parking systems, consumption management systems, and online patrols, so the system has powerful management capabilities to deal with The actual demand expands at any time. Fifth, extremely low economy: With technological iteration or actual demand, equipment and systems must be upgraded at any time. Therefore, equipment and systems must reflect the principle of economy to the maximum extent and be able to upgrade perfectly. Sixth, easy to maintain: the system should be easy to install and configure, easy to use and popular, and have unified network management capabilities for easy maintenance. Seventh, the appearance is beautiful: Nowadays, the society is progressing, and people's aesthetic standards have also improved. They are pursuing functional intelligence and also have requirements in appearance design, in order to achieve visual enjoyment.
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