Selection criteria are fingerprint access control attendance system

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
Selection criteria are fingerprint access control attendance system. At the time of buying guangzhou fingerprint access control machine, a lot of people are sciolistic, don't know what kind of fingerprint entrance guard system is a qualified and perfect entrance guard system. In fact, take a look at a fingerprint entrance guard system is good, from the following three aspects: 1, fingerprint identification algorithm of fingerprint entrance guard system. Fingerprint identification algorithm is the core of the fingerprint access control products technology, is a soul of traditional fingerprint access control products. Excellent fingerprint recognition algorithm is fast and efficient fingerprint image acquisition and the key technology of precise fingerprint recognition and fingerprint verification. Fingerprint recognition algorithm, that is, how to become a binary fingerprint image, become a what content is the key technology of binary files. 2, fingerprint access control system can prevent false fingerprints, for the security of whole fingerprint entrance guard system also plays a big role. If not prevent fake fingerprints, criminals use of technical means, take out the important user legacy in the fingerprint sensor on the surface of the fingerprint image, through some technical processing, produce silicone fingerprints. If the silicone fingerprints can also open the door, then the fingerprint entrance guard system security is very poor. There are a lot of potential safety problems. 3, fingerprint entrance guard system networking way, if you need high speed stable transmission, and can be used across the region. Across a network segment connected to the Internet, Ethernet network communication must be adopted, the TCP/IP protocol of fingerprint entrance guard system. If POE as fingerprint entrance guard read head connected to the Internet, to support Ethernet fingerprint entrance guard system is more outstanding, support POE power supply of Ethernet networks, don't step dedicated power supply circuit.
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