Select lock factory, from the understanding of three roll brake technology

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
Three roll gate is also called the three pole brake, brake, three roll brake roll, roll gate, brake. Blocked ( Brake lever) Triangle consists of three metal rod space, with hollow closed stainless steel tube, solid is out of shape not easily, and released by rotating way. Three roll brake machine type brake is first appeared, and develop the most mature and perfect, but there are gradually replaced by subsequent put wings brake and brake. Debao three roll brake technology parameters as follows: 1. Size: 1200 x280x980mm ( Bridge standard, also can be customized) 480*280*980mm( Vertical standard) 2. Time to unlock: 0. 2s ; 3. Traffic speed: 40 people/min; 4. Channel: wide & le; 550mm; 5. The input voltage: 220 v, 50 hz; 6. The driving voltage: 24 v; 7. Ambient temperature: - 25 ~ + 70; 8. Power: 32 w; 9. The drive signal access: 12 v dry contacts; Debao the functions and characteristics of the three roller gates, as follows: 1. Machine design is reasonable and reliable, low noise, internal hydraulic buffer device automatically, smooth operation, long service life. 2. With functions of power down rod, also can add remote control rod control, convenient for management and handling emergencies. 3. Box lid with LED lights, when effective CARDS, there will be the direction of the green arrow tips can pass; If illegal brush card, the tip of the Red Cross LED lights. 4. Can be set up & other; With memory & throughout; Or not & other; With memory & throughout; Function ( When set to & other; With memory & throughout; , can be used for the scenic spot to brush a group too many occasions) 。 5. With automatic reset function, namely, won the brake after permission, no lock in setting time, three roll brake automatically cancelled the permissions, back to the locked. 6. Waterproof, sunscreen, cold resistant, high temperature resistant. 7. Has the personalized installation interface, compatible with IC, ID card and other smart CARDS. 8. A unified, standard external electrical interface, can read and write with all sorts of equipment freedom articulated, facilitate system integration. 9. Extensible for the automatic identification system, the realization of access control and attendance, charges, etc. 10. Can be used with other types of channel products. Above is about debao technology parameter and function characteristics of three roller gates, three roller gates, with its unique characteristics of the product advantage and function in the brake machine on the market to occupy a certain market share and other detailed information about the three roller gates and product quotation can ask debao sales staff, as a channel of the brake machine manufacturers, debao cost-effective three-roll mill series to satisfy different customer demand, welcome to inquiry.
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