Security networked trend under the guangzhou market to open

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
With the highly development of network, the rise of the Internet of things, from all walks of life to get high speed development, all rely on the power of the network has been widely spread and popularize new technology. Security industry as a pioneer of the development of the network, the network has been applied into the industry. Entrance guard in guangzhou guangzhou market under the security network trend to open fusion under the impetus of the network technology, video monitoring system with the vigorous development, with the constant improvement of the industry standard and unity. In video monitoring field, in the pure product of the fierce competition between, let video monitoring production and manufacturers, will enhance the value of video data and management benefit in important position. Security properties and relatively guangzhou video monitoring, entrance guard control of active security features, make the entrance guard control often closely around the actual needs of customers and constantly change, from the public access requirements, gradually evolved into a specific industry, the entrance guard deeply solution. Because of this, industry standards, in the field of access control is hard to get. Network application popularization both opportunities and challenges when entrance guard in a specific industry deep tillage and segmentation, entrance guard control gradually from the management of the personnel in and out of the permissions, gradually developed to a kind of management, which fully explains why biometric applications in the field of access control management, the proportion of occupied more and more big. Because biometrics from a biological point of view, the person's characteristic orientation, so as to more accurately identify personnel identity, this is any password, and the accuracy of the RFID card can have. Secondly, using the biological characteristics, which can identify the use of entrance guard system has brought great convenience. The expansion of the traditional access control data is the most common application is the staff attendance record, based on the conditions of access control data filtering, staff attendance record, that is, from the page. With the addition of biological recognition technology, personnel of the accuracy of the information, data applications, access control information contains will have unlimited potential. “ Number of statistical area control & throughout; Provide regional personnel density data, providing density warning, disaster warning, personnel trajectory tracking, & other The number of statistical gender recognition & throughout; , age, identify data applications, these data are important data business analysis. Networked applications for access control field is a great challenge, is also a great opportunity. Because of all sorts of equipment access, directly or indirectly involved in the management of the people, at the same time also brought a new concept and method of personnel management. Entrance guard management not only needs to be compatible, contains more advanced idea, also want to stick to its own characteristics. Entrance guard management should insist on people management as the main body, according to their own characteristics in the field of industry involved, increase the part of the Internet of things thinking, increase the management of material, compatibility of video, the entrance guard of the active security in combination with the passive security video bring customers intelligent security, intelligent management of value-added services. Relative to the explosive growth of video monitoring, entrance guard market growth is quite slow. First of all, entrance guard operation form relatively fixed, in door project, many buildings at the start of weak current implementation stage, has the demand of access control equipment. And use the late also generally does not change, or even with the new demand change, on the basis of existing transformation also difficulty is big. Therefore access to the operation mode of the relative to a large extent affect the growth of its own. Traditional access control market is eating into the future development should stay open and fusion in a long period of time, access to system stability and reliability, the introduction of new technologies is less, the entrance guard system mainly several big door manufacturer for guangzhou technology update accordingly. ( Wiegand way in use of entrance guard has been around for years) Entrance guard since the communication protocol between hardware and software systems, quite a number of relying on BIM guide system. Plus the ONVIF organization promoting ONVIF - at present stage C protocol, SIA ( The SECURITY INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION SECURITY INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION) In pursuing OSDP protocol, for the current entrance guard the demand of the market is not a complete unified standard. Only part of the entrance guard manufacturer in his part of the product to join the agreement. So the access control market should also want to secure a substantial growth, the development of the industry. These two years international economic form is not optimistic, reduces the construction investment. Lightweight, reduce the cost of the intelligent building, the new industries, such as the Internet of things also encroach on the part of the traditional access control of the market. Throughout the entire security of the international situation, large security company successively acquired or integration, security industry appear larger changes, the simplified form of security has not satisfy the urgent demand of market integration and integration. Due to the wireless technology and the development of RFID technology, the configuration of entrance guard are subtle changes, schlage wireless communications equipment, bluetooth communication and identification, the application of the new technologies such as NFC, make the implementation of the entrance guard system, upgrade and use more convenient. Relative to the traditional entrance guard system is more flexible. With the rapid development of network applications, the Internet way of thinking, cost control become the common understanding of the world economy. So entrance guard management also needs to shift in thinking, to cater to the market. Entrance guard manufacturers can develop based on cloud computing, cloud storage platform for the management, reduce the user hardware investment. Innovative HAAS, SAAS ( Hardwareasa服务器,Softwareasa服务器) The operating mechanism. Introduce more open system platform. In short, manufacturers shall establish in the stability and safety for the future development of entrance guard, on the basis of taking in more new technology applications, with an open way of thinking, building intelligent, integrated access platform.
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