Security monitoring installation steps

by:Keyable     2021-08-02
Steps to install security monitoring Now many places have installed security monitoring systems in order to make life safer. Conditions can also be installed in families. How to install the home security monitoring system? Today, Chengdu Weak Current introduces the steps of security monitoring installation. 1. Ready to monitor the hardware equipment: camera, camera power supply, crystal head, network cable, network cable clamp, video recorder, hard disk, eight-port switch, camera bracket, self-tapping screws, display. 2. Positioning: Determine the location where the camera needs to be installed, and determine the location of the video recorder and display. 3. Wiring and power supply: If you want to install five cameras, you must start from the place where the video recorder and the display are placed, and pull one wire to the position where the camera needs to be installed, that is to say, all cameras must be connected to the video recorder. Position, each camera position must pull a power socket to plug the camera power adapter. 4. Install the camera: install the camera bracket on the camera, and then fix the camera at the corresponding position with self-tapping screws. 5. Making the network cable and crystal head: After arranging the network cable, cut it neatly with network cable pliers, insert the crystal head, and then press it. Connect all the unrooted network cables in turn, and insert them into the network cable port on the camera. Then plug the power adapter into the socket, and plug the 12V round head on the other side into the power jack of the camera. The work on this side of the camera is all completed.
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