Security monitoring company, and you share the installation of surveillance cameras

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
Security monitoring company and you share the monitoring method of the installation of cameras, security monitoring equipment installed preferred to choose monitoring host, is to choose the card in the computer equipped with monitoring, security monitoring company in guangdong or embedded hard disk video recorder do you monitor host? Computer monitoring card suit to familiar with computer installation, has a professional unattended, more functional requirements, guangdong security monitoring company its overall investment is lower. Since is mounted inside the computer monitor card, so the computer on 24 hours; As for the latter, it is not need professional knowledge, also do not need unattended, simple to operate. Install security monitoring equipment, the third consideration is whether the camera have night vision function, if the monitor is installed in a relatively dark place, consider using a infrared night vision camera. The installation of security monitoring equipment can choose to install a wired or wireless transmission. Although wireless network cost is higher, but can save a lot of installation of trouble, and to make monitoring workplace more beautiful. But wireless network monitoring equipment installed to considering the environmental problems, security place guangzhou security monitoring company cement building materials will shorten the wireless transmission distance, metal building materials could be completed covered wireless signal, guangzhou visual doorbell price infrared transmitter and infrared receiver to stay away from other appliances, lest cause interference. Because wireless network price nearly 2 times that of cable transmission monitoring equipment, so I suggest using wired transmission installation. 1) Surveillance cameras with wire, its rated voltage should be greater than the working voltage of line; The insulation of the wire shall comply with the installation of lines and installation of environmental conditions. Cross-sectional area of the wire should be able to meet the requirements of power supply and mechanical strength. 2) Wiring should try to avoid have wire connector. In addition to use joint, cameras must use wire or welding, the joint conductor connection and the branch shall not be affected by the effect of mechanical force. Air in the tube wire, there cannot be joint under any circumstances, when necessary, as far as possible put the joint on the junction box probe terminal. 3) Wiring in buildings keep horizontal or vertical installation. Wiring should add casing protection ( Plastic or iron pipe, according to the technical requirements of indoor pipe matching) , the ceiling line available metal hose, but need to be fixed safe and beautiful. 4) Signal lines with high-power power line parallel, more can't wear the same tube. As a result of the environment, to parallel line, is to stay away from more than 50 cm. 5) Alarm control box of the ac power line should go alone, the camera can't with the signal and the low voltage dc power supply cord to wear in the same tube, ac power cord installation should comply with the electrical installation standard. 6) Request for line alarm control box to the ceiling with casing LiRu wall or trying to protect with iron pipes, in order to improve the security of the system damage resistant performance. Camera interior piping the technical requirements of 7) Line pipe wiring has a bright and dark with two. Camera Ming piping required horizontal flat vertical, neat and beautiful. Dark line short piping requirements, smooth, less elbow. Surveillance camera control equipment installation 1) Consoles, racks, Frame) Installation position should comply with the design requirements, the installation should be smooth and firm, easy to operation and maintenance. Cabinet frame) On the back, side wall net distance should conform to the requirements of the maintenance. 2) Surveillance cameras all control, display, record and other terminal equipment installation shall be smooth, easy to operation. Monitor the installation method of the monitor ( Screen) Should avoid direct external light, when the inevitable, measures should be taken to avoid light. In the console, cabinets, Frame) Equipment should be installed in the ventilation cooling measures, the internal connector connected to the equipment should be prison *. 3) Control room all cables should be set according to equipment installation location cable slot hole and into the line, arrange, strapping, number, and the permanent marks.
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