Security industry is artificial intelligence application 'best place'

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
In March 2016, in the field of artificial intelligence AlphaGo beat lee se-dol, ten years later we look back, 2016 is the turning point of artificial intelligence. In 1997, there is also a critical events, IBM's deep blue beat chess champion Garry kasparov robot. If the & other; Deep blue beat kasparov & throughout; As the starting point of artificial intelligence, this 20 years, we roughly went through three stages: the first stage, the generic smart; The second phase, professional intelligence; The third stage, the depth of intelligence. In the development process, the underlying chip technical support as well as the hardware platform support, great changes have taken place today have been developed to based on the deep learning speed, depth and systematic to build a new generation of artificial intelligence products. The chance of security industry is the most AI application space without any one industry, can like security industry has two characteristics: 1, the largest source data information and the most abundant data level. Security technology as the core, with the vision in artificial intelligence, have the most perfect infrastructure and strong appeal, which is different from other industries proof in the application of artificial intelligence has the characteristics of the condition; 2, the nature of the security business logic is highly consistent with AI technology. Engaged in after traced back to the response to prevent and to advance prevention, and this is a security has been the ideal, so security is the most market space of artificial intelligence application field, we can predict that in the next 5 & ndash; — 10 years, the security industry necessarily will develop to a full-blown stage using artificial intelligence. Security machine vision ( SMV) Inflection point to industry mainstream companies are to complete the turn to the development of artificial intelligence, security machine vision turning point has arrived, we call it SMV (short for SecurityMachineVision) , there are a few important points, first of all, the hardware has tended to serialize, giant in the field of chip has been focusing on the application of deep learning, 5 - in the future Ten years, deep learning will bring revolution in the field of chip; In addition, the software architecture began to change; Secondly, the algorithm reserves has been perfect, to the evolution of big data and deep learning direction clear; Finally in the client side, clear customer demand, equipment aspect, market be vividly portrayed. In the past 2016 years, the public security, government, transportation these representative industry have begun to actively use based on artificial intelligence (ai) of a new generation of intelligent security products transform their old system, so we have reason to believe that the turning point has arrived. Building intelligent algorithm ecosystem chip development and the speed of iteration in the future will gradually accelerated, and into the new cycles of Moore's law. A algorithm field there are many small company has been such a stage, but the new era and not oligarchs era, in the future, all the focus of the competition will no longer be around some specific algorithm technical framework, but its implementation capability, and performance. Just guess at the beginning of the security industry has more than 100 kinds of different algorithms in different areas, such as security safe city applications, traffic management, in the field of intelligent transportation field of every industry has its algorithm in the field of professional direction, in the field of artificial intelligence, as companies want to do, to do the industry covers? In the face of such problems, should be based on the future state of the application of artificial intelligence logic and customer to make the ecosystem of intelligent algorithm, simple, manufacturers more allocating resources and research and development ability in basic platform and the interface between the software and hardware, dispatching and the whole scheduling system on the building of investment on the basis of the algorithm and the support, the implementation of logic, in around the support and practice of the algorithm and data sources, and specific the realization of the algorithm and the technique of logic, should make better use of cooperation. Based on such a large division of labor to realize the common prosperity of the industry, in the coming era of artificial intelligence, security, will not only is the industry's giants, as well as algorithm of small enterprises in the field of opportunity, you should be formed between the complementary advantages and common ecosystem building intelligent algorithm. The next four & ndash; — Five years, we will go into an artificial intelligence era of rapid development in the field of security, 2016 basic intelligent adapter has completed the scene, and in 2017, 2018 will go into a deep learning based on the basis of artificial intelligence (ai) phase, in 2019 and 2020, we think that will be fully into the digital intelligent stage, after digital intelligent stage, security industry of artificial intelligence will be comprehensive and the industry, all the big data business platform of IT to perfect docking, this is we can predict the development to the whole industry.
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