Scenic spot three roll brake failure solution and matters needing attention

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
Scenic spot three roller gates, using the most frequent, effect is also one of the best brake machine. It in the following, personnel identification, and other functions, has been favored by numerous customers' trust. But, after all, this is one of the most frequently used electronic equipment. We usually use some matters need attention to it. Some problems also need to know the solution. Therefore, we take a look at the detailed introduction of our company. Parse area three roll brake fault processing method, a total of five aspects, the concrete content is as follows: one, fault phenomenon: the scenic spot three roll brake light is not illuminated processing method: check the power supply or fuse, fault phenomenon: the scenic spot opened three roll gate crash when processing methods: adjusting damper force size 3, fault phenomenon: the scenic three roll gate opened with buzz processing methods: adjusting the electromagnet four base Angle of screw, diminish the gaps between electromagnet and four, fault phenomenon: the scenic spot three roller gates can't start processing methods: 1, check the panel; 2, check whether electromagnet screw loosening or fracture; 3, check the three roll gate drive board, can receive short drive board input end (at this time 1 # opened or 2 # opened input) If electromagnetic valve or a green light reaction, which is a normal five, fault phenomenon: the scenic spot three roll brake manually processing method: not on pole scenic spot three roll gate 1, check whether power down rod electromagnet suction iron; 2, power down rod electromagnet for vehicle with DC12V power supply only supplies; 3 whether the electromagnetic device, check the power lever to the spring piece inside the wheel, if so, will move up the entire unit, make both not contact scenic spot three roll brake when use the matters needing attention: 1, please swipe outside the yellow line, gate in place and have a direction indicating arrow tips through may enter, in the process of walking, do not stay in the channel or after the return again. 2, in the process of the traffic, please do not followed into the channel, cannot squeeze more card, lest cause credit card don't flood occurs. 3, when you see the gate is open in place, please don't forget to charge, In view of the delay shutdown functions) , does one card one request. 4, the maintenance work, clean the case inside and dust, lubricating mechanical connection, etc. , ensure the normal operation of the equipment. 5, please don't sabotage scenic spot three roller gates, Artificial damage is beyond the scope of the warranty) 。
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