Sanitation workers work attendance card 'tall'

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
Heard a white-collar clock, but now the road control well, also want & other Credit card & throughout; The & ndash; — Hangzhou has recently installed three road & other; Attendance machine & throughout; , responsible for the road cleaning JiSao car, sprinkler, sanitation management, are like an office worker & other; Clock in & throughout; 。 Respectively the three road east of downtown new east road, heavy road, new street, in lower this year is the first city, sanitation & other; The integration & throughout; In the way of maintenance and cleaning mode. Maintenance unit is the same & ndash; — Zhejiang marina and construction co. , LTD. New east east road & other; Attendance machine & throughout; Is installed in the new east east 300 meters south of standing in the way cheung road intersection on metope. This & other; Attendance machine & throughout; Looks super mini, only about a button size, stick on the wall is very small. 42 mei-ying Yang is the new east east road and xintiandi street cleaning administrator, responsible for patrolling every day these two sections on the municipal facilities and cleaning. Work every day, she would carry a & other; Patrolling rod & throughout; 。 Almost every more than an hour, will take this & other Patrolling rod & throughout; Go & other; Attendance machine & throughout; Report to. Each report, patrolling rod are automatically recorded. About every half a month, the company will be according to the records, she was appraised. , head of the zhejiang coast and construction co. , LTD. , told reporters that these three sections are at the edge, roads around the construction site is more, passing the heavy tonnage of construction vehicle is frequent, road damage phenomenon is serious. At the same time road sanitation foundation weak, garbage is often happened. For vehicles, management staff attendance by this way, can boost the enthusiasm of the staff, ensure that these sections on the improvement of the municipal facilities, roads clean.
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