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Rising Bollards - A Space Saving Vehicle Barrier

by:Keyable     2020-06-05
People employ different means to manage and direct vehicles in their property like swing gates, sliding gates, road blockers, traffic lights, rising bollards, etc. Rising bollards are the most popular of these. A bollard is a vertical post that is short and strong. They are normally seen in public places like shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, government buildings, etc. They are placed in such a way at the entrance at regular intervals so that no vehicles could fit through them. They are normally installed as a group of more than 4 as a single bollard cannot be expected to stop the traffic. Though the most common form of bollards are those that are fixed, rising bollards prove to be more advantageous. Sunk into the ground they are almost invisible when not in use and therefore give an appearance of more space. But when they are in use they provide a very effective barrier for vehicles. Primarily they are used to keep unauthorized vehicles away from sensitive areas. Rising bollards normally rises to a height of over 900m. A bollard of good quality would rise to the required height as fast as within 4 seconds. As they might not be easily visible at night it would be better if you attach lights to them. However, though they are overlooked, they are ubiquitous too. Bollards can be activated using swipe cards, radio transmitters, intercom, number plate recognition or even something as simple as button controller. Bollards are now more in demand for their visual effect. There are several online stores now that provide you rising bollards according to your requirements. All that is needed is your click on the mouse and you'll find the exact kind of bollards you wanted.
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