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RFID technology make entrance guard system safer

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
In the village of entrance guard system with special chip, the owner just shake mobile phone, you don't have to charge through the door. 8, wen ShangLin camus, according to its development & other; Wonderful pocket intelligent key management system & throughout; Has more than 40 district in hangzhou. When conditions are ripe, he will be back to temperature. Hangzhou owner thumb up the chip & other; Wonderful pocket intelligent key management system & throughout; The key, is a name of S - RFC's special chip. To apply the system of village, needs to load a S - in the entrance guard system RFC chip intelligent entrance guard, let owner under the mobile phone a & other; Wonderful bag & throughout; APP, property through & other; Wonderful bag & throughout; Authorization management platform to owner. After completion of these links, the owner of the mobile phone has become the key, through the village entrance guard, floor door and garage gate, shake can through mobile phones, dispense with the trouble that credit card. Lin camus, each user can be in the wonderful pocket APP store 3000 & other; Mobile intelligent key & throughout; , is very convenient. “ Originally enter detached wing corridor door card, now just shake mobile phone, need not specially take a card, convenient than ever before. ” Hangzhou platinum era a owner, & other; Thumb up & throughout; 。 This chip has been installed in more than 40 district of hangzhou, including walk idle, platinum era, YanYu thering is no lack of high-grade Tomlinson, zhongtian city ji village, many owners of & other; Wonderful bag & throughout; To give praise. Lin camus research and development of the chip, the application of RFID technology, the technology is also called radio frequency identification (RFID), is a kind of communication technology, can identify specific target by radio signal and read and write the related data, without identification system and establish a mechanical or optical contact between specific objectives. Existing owners calls the chip was born in 1976 in wenzhou Lin camus is wenzhou cangnan people, he was alone in 2000 in Hohhot in Inner Mongolia, transportation industry as a high speed. In 2008, because of a coincidence, camus Lin come into contact with & other; RFID chips & throughout; This product and decided to join this emerging industry. Then he walk through the national colleges and universities for scientific research personnel, cost one million yuan, over a period of six months, the first batch of chip production. “ Because of the lack of experience, these chips are almost all waste. ” Camus Lin memories, after six years of repeated research and development, the whole until 2014, this technology began to mature. Last April, Lin camus presided over the development of the S - RFC first-generation chip, is currently with & other; Mobile phone to open the door & throughout; Function, was welcomed by the market. Cangnan county city longgangtian wen's splendid gardens owners of the community learned & other; Mobile intelligent key & throughout; To make a phone call to hangzhou, after consulting the matter. “ With smart key, without authorization of entering the village, safety guarantee, hope to promote open soon. ” Ms. Wen said. “ I have been in wenzhou, encouraged the longer, more complex. ” Camus says Lin, own a lot of things is given by the home. “ Many of the floating population in wenzhou, as long as the time is right, I want to make it back as soon as possible. ”
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